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Epoxy flake floors are decorative epoxy floor coatings featuring vinyl color chips in various combinations for an eye-catching, stylish finish. There’s a wide range of hues available, and they look incredible. Find the best Epoxy Flooring Atlanta.

Hygienic and slip-resistant surfaces. Plus, they help dampen noise while being easy to maintain and clean up after.

Some clients are drawn to garage floor coating for its practical uses; others focus more on its aesthetic qualities.


Epoxy flooring is highly resilient, withstanding any level of impact without damage to its surface. You can drive on it, park your car on it, and even work on projects requiring the laying out of heavy equipment without worrying about damaging the floor; in fact, it would take a relatively wealthy and sharp object to damage this durable material! Furthermore, epoxy’s superior durability means it protects concrete floors against cracks or other forms of damage.

Epoxy resins and hardeners form a powerful chemical bond with concrete surfaces, offering unparalleled protection from chemicals, oils, and other contaminants. Furthermore, epoxy coatings are non-porous, so they won’t absorb liquids – an essential feature for kitchens, garage floors, or high-traffic areas that could experience spillage or moisture exposure.

Epoxy flake flooring offers several distinct advantages when it comes to its maintenance and care, including easy cleanup. Because its non-stick flakes can be scraped off easily or vacuumed up, keeping your floor looking new for years. Furthermore, since their color resists sun fading over time, you won’t need to repaint every few years as would be necessary with other types of flooring materials.

Epoxy flakes come in an array of colors to give your home an individual; custom looks that complements its materials and design. When selecting your epoxy flake color scheme, make sure it resonates with you and matches well with the rest of the decor in your home. Also, bear in mind resale value; some hues might appeal more strongly than others to potential buyers.

Epoxy floor flakes provide more than aesthetic appeal; they also add traction. Flake patterns help conceal patchwork or cracks in concrete flooring as well as smooth out surface irregularities to provide a more accessible walk surface. Plus, these flooring materials act as sound barriers, making them great for areas where people will be walking or driving by providing good absorption properties that reduce echo.


Epoxy flake flooring provides homeowners with an appealing option for their garages, basements, and even kitchens. Choose from an array of colors and styles to find floors that complement the decor in each space. Furthermore, this type of flooring is durable yet easy to keep clean – an excellent option for busy family households!

As opposed to traditional concrete floor coatings, epoxy flooring with flake has added texture that makes it more visually appealing. Fragments of various sizes are spread over an epoxy base coat to add color and texture, mask imperfections in the concrete, hide imperfections within it, and provide a smooth surface finish – they even help prevent slips and falls! Decorative flake flooring offers an economical alternative to more costly terrazzo systems and comes in multiple colors and textures for you to choose from!

Epoxy flake flooring’s other advantage lies in its ability to add custom designs or patterns that match any decor style, making it an excellent solution for home garages, showrooms, and retail spaces alike. Not only can epoxy flake floors add a unique look, but they can also improve safety with safety striping and warnings.

One of the primary motivations behind having their garage floors coated is aesthetics. Although not a practical flooring solution, the epoxy coating can make a dramatic statement about a space. When choosing to have this done, be sure to hire an experienced installer, as this will ensure that the surface is prepared adequately prior to applying any epoxy coats.

Even though epoxy floors with flakes may not be as practical, they still offer great options for your garage. More durable than regular paint and lasting much longer, epoxy floors with bits also provide more visual interest than the usual concrete surface found therein.

Epoxy flake flooring may be more expensive than other coatings, but the investment will pay dividends in the form of reduced repair and maintenance expenses and an increase in property values. Furthermore, epoxy can prevent corrosion in metal tools and equipment and help increase their lifespan as a result.


Epoxy floors can last years with proper application and are resistant to stains and chemicals, making them easy to keep clean in high-traffic areas such as garages and warehouses. You can choose from various colors and chip sizes for your flooring system to create your personalized design; metallics add extra flare. Epoxy is water-resistant, so it can also make it suitable near sinks.

Epoxy floors are much simpler to keep clean than concrete ones; no floor wax or stripping is needed. Also, their color resists fading, so you won’t have to repaint. In turn, you will save money on maintenance costs in the long run.

Epoxy flake flooring is a decorative epoxy coating made up of resin mixed with colored flakes or chips to produce a custom, one-of-a-kind design for any floor surface. Popular among residential and commercial garages, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas alike, epoxy flake is an attractive way to combine durability with aesthetics from this form of flooring.

An epoxy flake floor not only looks beautiful but is also highly hardwearing – easily withstanding heavy traffic and resisting stains, chemicals, and scratches more reliably than other floor paints. In fact, epoxy flakes are often comprised of plastic or vinyl, but other materials can be used too – wood flakes and quartz flakes may even be available depending on your circumstances.

Epoxy flake floors are water-resistant, meaning any spilled liquid won’t damage it as easily. You should still take steps to promptly wipe up any spills containing chemicals such as engine oil or antifreeze that might damage it; paint or household cleaners should also be cleaned up immediately to minimize potential damage to an epoxy flake floor surface.

At a minimum, it’s essential to sweep and vacuum your floor regularly. This will remove any dirt or grit that might be trapped underneath flaking layers. Then, use either commercial or homemade floor cleaning solutions (a couple of ounces of ammonia in one gallon of hot water should do just fine) for mopping the floor.

Easy to install

Epoxy flake flooring can add color and texture to any garage or workshop floor, creating a pop of color while saving money by eliminating the expense of painting your flooring every few years. Perfect for homeowners and business owners seeking beautiful yet functional spaces in their home or office environments.

Epoxies come in an assortment of colors – many metallic! You can mix your custom hue or select from pre-mixed options. Epoxy floor coatings are suitable for residential and commercial use and can even be applied over existing floors without issue. However, proper floor preparation should always be carried out prior to applying epoxy; cracks and stains must be eliminated to ensure an adhering coating, and it must also be thoroughly cleaned so the new coat adheres well.

To create an even surface, it’s best to apply a primer prior to coating with epoxy. These are available from most home improvement stores and are easy to apply; roll on by hand or using a paint roller with an extension handle. Once dry, another coat of epoxy can be applied – use high-quality products for optimal floor protection that lasts longer.

Once your epoxy has been set, you can begin installing your flakes. There are various techniques for installing them – one being simply throwing and letting the chips fall onto wet epoxy; others might include using a hopper gun for a more even application, or you could create an empty gallon milk container into a shaker to distribute evenly across all areas.

Once the flakes have been applied to a floor, they must be left alone for 24 to 48 hours in order to cure. During this period, it is essential that no one walks on it; after curing, an additional layer of protection and shine can be added with a clear topcoat.

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