Drive-in Movies in Georgia


Once thought to be extinct, drive-in movies are making a comeback! Drive-in cinematic experiences offer families fun and nostalgic entertainment while allowing people to watch a film together within their vehicles. What do you think about adjaranet.

Since 1948, this drive-in theater has offered an eclectic blend of old classics, new releases, and carhops dressed in 1950s attire to add an old-school charm.

Jesup Drive-In Theater

An evening at the drive-in movie is an enjoyable way to spend quality family time and an exciting date night option for couples. These theaters are conveniently located in rural fields where visitors can relax and enjoy nature, while most offer various movies, food, and drinks for sale. When planning a visit, arrive early so that you can secure yourself a good seat – blankets or lawn chairs might come in handy, as the drive-ins tend to get very crowded around showtime; also, ensure your car lights are off – this will prevent your battery from dying during playback; alternatively, if this doesn’t suit, ask a friend nearby or bring along portable radio for listening pleasure during playback!

The Jesup Drive-in Theater was established in 1948 and is still owned and run by its original family since it provides first-run movies to its customers. Set within an open field in southeast Georgia, it makes an ideal spot to bring all the family. Plus, there’s even a playground just for kids!

In the 1950s, drive-in movies were immensely popular with Baby Boomers who enjoyed watching films outdoors on a giant screen. Unfortunately, as more people purchased home video equipment and scaled down their cars, drive-in popularity decreased rapidly; more profitable venues started showing adult content films (sex films or otherwise). Many closed while the remaining ones began offering family-oriented fare.

Due to COVID-19’s lockdown, numerous drive-in theaters have emerged during this pandemic. Some even expanded with additional activities like golf simulators and miniature golf courses. One theater, in particular, stands out – Starlite has taken “drive-in” to a new level by using shipping containers as movie screens and concession stands! Sure to offer an unforgettable experience to families seeking an enjoyable drive-in experience, each day provides two double features open to the public!

Starlight Drive-In Theater

Nothing beats enjoying an enjoyable summer evening with food and friends while watching a classic drive-in movie! Atlanta’s Starlight Drive-In Theater dates back to 1949, and although its appearance may have evolved since then (it now features four screens with digital projection), it still makes for a beautiful way to spend an evening. Admission costs just $7 for two movies at once; bring your snacks or purchase them at their concession stand.

Drive-in theaters saw their heyday during the late 1960s and early 1970s before beginning to decline with the proliferation of color television and home entertainment systems like VCRs and video rentals. By the 1980s, most drive-ins had closed; factors contributing to their closure include inflation and real estate interest rate hikes that made large land tracts required by drive-ins too costly; more convenient home viewing experiences became increasingly attractive over time, as most shows could only be shown at nightfall; patrons abandoned these theatres altogether in search of better experience at least at that time of nighttime experience.

Attract customers through innovative gimmicks such as drawings for prizes and free admission, small airplane runways, helicopter or hot air balloon rides, and unusual attractions like petting zoos or cages of monkeys; low-cost nights like Wednesday and Sundays were often offered; these were known as “buck nights.”

Rooftop Films has returned to the old-school drive-in experience in Brooklyn through outdoor movies at The Brooklyn Army Terminal pier in Sunset Park and other venues like Fort Greene Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Rooftop shows all kinds of mainstream movies you would see elsewhere but in an atmospheric and memorable setting; their films also tend to lean toward indie and more mature offerings, so you need to be at least six years old to appreciate them properly.

Remember, when visiting a theater, one car space per vehicle and no alcohol are permitted in the parking lot. Furthermore, turn off your lights when the show begins to prevent your headlights from blinding other cars in the lot.

Tiger Drive-In Theater

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced indoor theaters to close, drive-in theaters became an attractive and safe solution. One such drive-in, Tiger Drive-In in Rabun County, Georgia, remains popular with locals, offering complete food and drink menu options along with two movies for one ticket price. Classic cars line up outside to park on its grounds while many camp out in retro RVs or tents or stay at Star Barn (70 years old and recently converted into an AirBnB house), pet-friendly accommodations nearby.

The Swan Drive-In in Jesup, Georgia, is another vibrant drive-in theater. Open throughout the summer months and featuring first-run films, its two screens welcome patrons year round, with its concession stand remaining open during movies so guests can enjoy snacks and beverages during viewing time. Plus, guests can purchase food and drink vouchers online to save on concession costs!

Drive-in theaters often provide car wash services as an additional draw to their customers and owners. Not only can this help get your vehicle clean before heading into the movies, but these car washes offer various products like air fresheners, sanitizers, and cleaning solutions for sale.

Most drive-in theaters provide an area where viewers can sit comfortably in their cars while ordering snacks from the concession stand. Some even feature commercial breaks with images of dancing popcorn and soda products to promote them; these ads may seem silly now, but were once welcomed respites from watching a movie screen.

Drive-in theaters not only offer nostalgic pleasure, but they can also be an opportunity for people to socialize with friends and strangers in an informal setting. Families can spend quality time together here while children develop social skills in an unthreatening environment.

Before visiting a drive-in theater, please familiarize yourself with their bag policy. Policies vary based on new guidelines and requirements, so it is wise to consult their website directly for details on specific procedures for best results.

Georgia Theatre

Georgia Theatre features more than just classic drive-in movies; they also host concerts and plays. Situated in downtown Athens, their theater features an open floor layout with plenty of seating; their bar provides an ideal place to meet friends; they even have an ATM! Since Georgia Theatre usually accommodates patrons aged 21+, bring ID when entering. Their staff is welcoming and helpful!

The Tiger Drive-in opened its doors in 1954, providing a classic drive-in experience. Offering double features of film and short, you can see two movies in one night at this theater. A concession stand also offers food and drinks – including popcorn and deep-fried Oreos! Additionally, owners are striving to update it by installing pre-show music streaming via WiFi, playground equipment, and, eventually, farmers markets!

House Beautiful reports that, despite drive-in movie theaters’ immense popularity, many have had to close due to competition from modern movie theaters. But some managed to reopen decades later with new looks and feels; one example is Atlanta’s Starlight Drive-In Theater, which has been open for almost 70 years and remains popular in its community.

Reopening as a concert hall was announced in an article appearing in the April 26, 1979 edition of Athens Red and Black newspaper, featuring police as the featured headline and Tone Tones as the opening act; subsequent reviews appeared both in Athens Red and Black and Athens Observer and were enthusiastic.

The concert hall has hosted many well-known acts, from Goo Goo Dolls to Hootie and the Blowfish. Additionally, music videos and live album recordings have taken place here, as well as music video shoots and recordings for live album recordings. As part of the Athens music scene, it has developed an excellent reputation as an enjoyable place for live concerts.

If you plan on attending a concert at Georgia Theatre, plan to arrive early. By arriving early, parking spaces and ticket lines near showtime can be secured more efficiently, while practicing social distancing techniques by wearing masks is recommended, as well as turning off car lights when leaving your vehicle.

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