Download Tindeq Progressor App on Your PC


Are you searching for the Tindeq Progressor App on PC, developed by Blims Tech AS? If that’s the case, this page provides everything necessary.

This app is one of the top Health and fitness applications on the Google Play store, boasting over 1,000 installations and high user aggregate rating points – an absolute must-have for fitness enthusiasts!

How to use

The Tindeq Progressor App can be used with any free-hanging training grip and smartphone to accurately measure load readings, such as critical force (CF), peak force, and RFD readings. In addition, this app also serves to track endurance by keeping an eye on how long a given grip can be held. To take measurements using this method, first ensure the device has been calibrated (please see instructions), then place it in its clinging position before selecting a hold from the app menu – after a few seconds, the app should start measuring loads for that hold!

Blims Tech AS has released one of the leading health & fitness apps on the Google Play store with high user rating points and reviews; the Blims Fit App is a top performer with excellent user satisfaction ratings and reviews from users across Android, iOS devices as well as PC Windows 10/8/7 laptop computers through specific workarounds.

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This app was designed to work with the Blims Tech AS Progressor unit, which uses Bluetooth wirelessly to connect with smartphones. It displays live load and peak load readings so you can monitor your training in real-time on the move and track accumulated peak force, endurance, and RFD levels.

This Health & Fitness App can be found on Android and iOS platforms, where it has gained immense popularity and boasts impressive user ratings. Recently, PC users can now take advantage of it; you can also access this application from your Windows machines and laptops.

Follow a few easy steps to download and install this App on a Windows 10/8/7 PC. Firstly, ensure you have an emulator like Bluestacks or MEmu Play, which supports Android applications. When that is complete, click on the Google Playstore App icon, which should be on the emulator home page – that should do it!

Once found, search the Tindeq Progressor App in the Play Store and click the Install button, which will be depicted by a green circle with an arrow inside to install it onto your PC. Once complete, you will find it under Installed Apps in Bluestacks.


The Tiniq App allows users to take measurements such as Critical Force (CF), Maximum Load, and Rate of Force Development (RFD). Critical Force is the highest force generated statically on any hold by one finger. You can measure your CF on any 20mm edge with a half crimp/open hand position; alternatively, pinches and pockets may also record data in this way.

The maximum load refers to the full force that any finger can apply when gripping an object, such as in a hold. With the Tindq app, you can track both maximum load and average load over time; these two measures serve as good indicators of finger strength – if the average burden falls short of the maximum, it indicates you may require strengthening of grip strength.

For maximum accuracy in force analysis, the Tineq App allows users to calibrate their sensor according to individual finger and grip sizes for top results. This step ensures that their results are as expected by this device.

Before recording any activity, you must take the sensor. To do this, open the Tiniq app and navigate to “Settings.” Press and hold your sensor against your index finger and thumb in a half-crimp position before pressing and holding it against other fingers in a crimp position before repeating this step for good measure.

Once your device is calibrated, the Tineq App will display your current maximum load and peak load and how many holds you have attempted and those you haven’t mastered – all this data can be seen within the app itself or on your computer screen.

The Tindeq Progressor is a portable sensor that measures loads with any free-hanging training grip and smartphone. Data collected is recorded onto your phone’s battery and displayed in real-time on an app; coaches and athletes can use this information to assess training programs more effectively. Downloading it for free allows users to stay up-to-date as updates become available. Bluetooth connection must exist between the device and the app for proper functioning; otherwise, if it can’t find your sensor, you may try installing firmware updates as directed by its developer.