Don’t Mess With Texas


Show your Texas pride and anti-littering spirit with this crew neck Don’t Mess With Texas t-shirt made of natural organic cotton that is durable and long-lasting.

It has since become a rallying cry to promote Texas pride across the state and inspire Texans from all corners and schools to embrace the campaign. Even celebrities such as Stevie Ray Vaughan have adopted it and used the slogan in TV commercials against litter.

Don’t Mess With Texas Logo

Tim McClure and Mike Blair first coined the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” for the Texas Highway Department in 1985 – unwittingly creating an iconic symbol of Texas pride that could later appear on T-shirts, caps, and coffee mugs across the state.

The Texas Department of Transportation owns the rights to this slogan and collects a fee from those who use it, with threats made to sue those who do not comply. Author Christie Craig used the motto in her racy romance novel Don’t Mess with Texas before being forced by the state to change it to Only in Texas after they threatened legal action against her.

Although its use may have started in movies and TV, the phrase has since spread into popular culture and been featured prominently across film, music videos, and songs. George W. Bush even referenced it in his acceptance speech at the 2000 Republican National Convention; Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic and Houston rapper Lil’ Keke both wear T-shirts bearing this slogan, as has former New York Yankee pitcher Nolan Ryan with signed memorabilia bearing it!

Texas natives understand the value of protecting their state, so it should come as no surprise that many have joined in promoting “Don’t Mess With Texas.” There are numerous websites selling merchandise with this motto and images, such as its flag or state bird – the bluebonnet.

T-shirts that show Texas pride are an increasingly popular choice among Texas residents and visitors alike. Most t-shirts feature both short and long-sleeve options and various fabric weights – for instance, some feature lightweight cotton blend fabric ideal for summer, while others may come crafted out of heavier polyester fabric, making it suitable for colder climates.

T-shirts are an easy and stylish way to show your Texas pride, but another great way is through posters or prints bearing this slogan. Not only can these beauties add style and distinction to any home or office environment, but they also make excellent gifts for anyone interested in Texas or its sports teams!

Don’t Mess With Texas Women

Represent the Lone Star State with style in this Don’t Mess With Texas shirt! Featuring a red ink screen printed onto cream-colored tri-blend fabric with vintage-inspired colors and prints, this unisex t-shirt provides soft comfort ideal for daily wear while supporting Don’t Mess With Texas in helping reduce litter in Texas. Additionally, part of each sale goes towards Don’t Mess With Texas (DMWT) efforts to help reduce waste in our state.

In 1989, Texas launched the Don’t Mess with Texas campaign to educate Texans about the need to keep the state clean. The slogan quickly caught on and became “an identity statement, a declaration of Texas swagger, and an emblematic representation of pride in heritage.” Following its success, other states adopted similar anti-litter initiatives.

The Don’t Mess with Texas campaign aims to raise public awareness of the perils associated with littering while offering ways to prevent it. TV commercials, radio ads, print advertisements, and social media posts all work towards conveying this message effectively; community cleanup events provide another means of teaching Texans how to dispose of trash properly.

Littering rates in Texas have decreased 33% since 2001 thanks to the Don’t Mess with Texas campaign, and 82% of Texans understand that “Don’t mess with Texas” means don’t litter.

This campaign has recruited the help of numerous celebrities to spread its message, such as Heisman winner Earl Campbell, Grammy award winners Eli Young Band and Grupo Fantasma as well as Lukas Nelson (son of Texas country music icon Willie Nelson) and others to spread awareness against littering. Celebrities have shared personal video messages reminding people not to litter.

Please Don’t Mess with Texas website features a section that highlights their accomplishments as well as lists of prominent figures who support it, with information on becoming volunteers as well as water conservation efforts and wildflower preservation issues being featured prominently. They also provide support to organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, which creates healthier communities through comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, education programs, advocacy efforts, and other means.

Don’t Mess With Texas Men

“Don’t mess with Texas” is more than a catchy slogan; it encapsulates an identity statement, an affirmation of pride for Texas, and an indomitable spirit that Texans do not take for granted. First introduced by the Texas Department of Transportation in 1987 in order to reduce litter on Texas roadways by 72% over twenty years, its impact can now be seen everywhere, from road signs throughout Texas to official merchandise bearing this slogan.

Don’t Mess with Texas is committed to raising public awareness of litter prevention through TV commercials, radio spots, and promotional campaigns. Many celebrities, such as singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes, actor Matthew McConaughey, and country music superstar George Strait, have appeared in these commercials to educate the public.

The slogan has also been featured on the USS Texas submarine crest and other products, including fast food chains and Texas football teams. Additionally, its message has been included in popular songs by musicians such as Bob Schneider and Grupo Fantasma.

The Don’t Mess with Texas campaign has also made use of new technologies and media outlets to reach a broader audience. Starting in 2003 with eye-catching 3-D billboards featuring giant soda cups and curly fries, 2004 brought us animated Shamu and Texas Tuxedo penguin sidekicks; in 2006, they won America’s Favorite Slogan contest over campaigns such as “Just Do It” and “Got Milk?.”

River Road Clothing’s Don’t Mess with Texas shirt can help your local litter prevention effort by donating part of each sale directly to it. Crafted of 100% cotton for maximum comfort, this men’s tee features the classic Foreigner logo and Don’t Mess with Texas slogan, with multiple sizes from small to XXL available and machine washability for ease of care.

Don’t Mess With Texas Kids

“Don’t Mess With Texas” has become an iconic part of Texas culture, and this “Don’t Mess With Texas Kids T-shirt is an excellent way to demonstrate it! Constructed from high-quality materials for maximum durability and comfort. Boasting bold colors and design elements that show off their Texas pride, this T-shirt makes a stylish choice for showing your Texan pride.

This tee features a large image of the Don’t Mess with Texas logo with its accompanying slogan screen printed onto natural or grey fabric, in unisex fit for unisex users XS-5XL sizes, depending on style. Available fabric weight options and styles range from slim, classic, moisture-wicking active t-shirts.

Over the past several years, the Don’t Mess With Texas campaign has witnessed many celebrity appearances. Heisman winner Earl Campbell, Grammy award winners Grupo Fantasma and Eli Young Band, as well as Lukas Nelson (son of country music icon Willie Nelson) all make appearances in its TV and digital video ads; additionally, the campaign has been mentioned frequently on social media posts from Eva Longoria, Kelly Clarkson, and Meat Loaf among many others.

In 2006, Don’t Mess with Texas was recognized with America’s Favorite Slogan contest win and included in the Advertising Walk of Fame. Texas Monthly published an article about it as well as the bestselling book Don’t Mess With Texas, which also won its spot there. Several years later, in 2009, a virtual reality experience and litterbag-designing competition were hosted, as well as partnerships with local businesses to offer litter prevention education to schools, communities, and neighborhoods throughout Texas.