Do People Do Valances Anymore?


Valances can add a polished, finished look to your windows. They conceal hardware and architectural flaws while softening the appearance of blank windows. Select the custom Roman shades.

Valances can become quickly outdated when constructed from garish lace, vibrant hues, or niche prints; therefore, when selecting designs with multiple focal points, it’s wise to limit these to just one or two focal points.

They’re easy to make

Valances are easy to make and an excellent addition to any window treatment. Not only can they add visual interest, but they also provide extra insulation from drafts and changes in temperature, which could otherwise damage blinds or shades, such as elegant lace to casual burlap. When considering adding one to your home, consider its style, personal taste, and the other window treatments you have installed, as they could make an enormous impactful statement that can complement or contrast each other.

Valances work best in more formal spaces like living and dining rooms, though they can also be used in bedrooms and master suites. When staging your home, be wary of valances with busy patterns that could date it. Also, if it obstructs any windows, it should be removed immediately.

Valances have an outdated image yet are a practical choice for many homes. If sewing is beyond your skill set, premade valances may be ideal; otherwise, creating one yourself is simple by following this plan: press a double fold of 1″ on both sides of fabric before pressing raw edge almost to fold before pinning; edgestitch along this pressed fold line using stitch length 3.0 and edgestitch along this fold line to finish it off!

They’re inexpensive

Valances are relatively affordable compared to draperies, blinds, and shades, making them a cost-effective solution for DIY decorators. When selecting quality fabric valances, a modern fabric with large prints, intricate patterns, or intertwining lines must be chosen; solid-color or ruffled styles may look plain in comparison.

A valance can serve as an independent window treatment or be part of a set of curtains, blinds, or shades. Its primary function is to conceal rods and hardware of other window treatments; its varied colors and materials, such as cotton silk or lace, make for appealing options that can be mounted inside or outside for mounting.

Valances have long been popular, yet they can quickly become outmoded. A valance that utilizes bright colors or low-grade fabric may need to be updated promptly; those featuring extravagant embellishments like tassels, niche prints, or ruffles may look matronly or obsolete.

However, well-designed valances can make an elegant addition to any home. Interior designers say it all starts with fabric quality; timeless valance designs can incorporate quality fabric without overembellishment for timeless beauty. Valances come in various forms, such as balloon valances, pleated valances, or even swag or jabot styles.

They’re functional

Valances are sophisticated window treatments that can add an elegant aesthetic to a room. Used alone or combined with draperies, shades, or blinds for additional beauty in any setting; made from sheers or lace fabrics, they can even be customized to match the style of any given room – adding patterns, flags, or ribbons can make a bold style!

Amy Youngblood, a designer in Cincinnati, says that valances remain fashionable. She believes they remain a popular option among homeowners and prefers them over cornices because they are more versatile and soft-textured. Valances can also be mounted outside or inside window frames; Youngblood typically mounts them outside since this frames the window beautifully, but when space is limited, she occasionally climbs them inside.

No matter the window size, a valance can make a great addition to any home. Not only can they make rooms appear more prominent, but they’re also an inexpensive way to add custom style while covering up hardware like blind cords. While many may think valances have gone out of fashion, many are seeing them make a comeback!

They’re versatile

Valances are an ideal way to emphasize a room’s design style. They can range from sleek and chic to vibrant pops of color over windows. Valances also provide an easy way to coordinate other window treatments and accessories; simply adding trim or decorative piping can create depth or tie together various elements such as colorful bandanas, stenciled burlap, patchworks of colors or fabrics that evoke the mood of the space with it all!

Hangned correctly, valances make an elegant finishing touch for any window treatment, from blinds or drapes to blinds or shades. Fabric selection should match up well with existing treatments; choose something that doesn’t compete but complements them; length should range between one-sixth to one-quarter the window height for unobstructed views.

While some homeowners may view valances as outdated or frumpy, they’re an excellent way to add style to any space in the home. Valances are easy and cost-effective ways to elevate their aesthetic; consult an interior designer for advice that will allow your valances to shine for years.

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