Dermalinfusion – All You Need to Know About It


If you have a little bit of idea about medicine, you must have heard the term medical infusion treatment. What generally comes to mind when we hear the term medical infusion treatment is saline bottles and IV cannulas. That is what we are all accustomed to. However, another genre of medical infusion therapy also works to make your skin better, healthy, and glowing. With the advancement of cosmetology and the increasing tendency of people to care for their skin, there have been many scientific types of research in dermatology and subsequently the birth of many such skin treatment processes, which can lead to magical results. 


Today, we will learn about one such medical infusion therapy applicable to the skin, and the treatment is none other than Dermalinfusion. If you have curiosity about the latest skin treatments, you must have come across the term. If not yet, then here is all you need to know about the process. 


What is Dermalinfusion?


Many people may not be acquainted with this term but may have heard Diamond Glow Treatment’s synonym. Dermalinfusion is a specialized skin treatment process based on the core principles of medical infusion treatment. There are primarily three ways in which this treatment works for your skin betterment:


❖ It leads to deep surface exfoliation of the skin, which helps the skin get rid of the dead cells. Such accurate skin exfoliation is suitable for rendering your skin the rejuvenated glow that almost all of us crave. 


❖ Clears the skin surface of all the accumulated dust, debris, and impurities. These unwanted particles settle on our skin surface due to the daily stress we face in our lives, including exposure to immense pollution. This leads to glowing and healthy skin and helps in better penetration of all the skincare products you apply on the skin.


❖ The core goal of the process is to infuse a special serum into the patient’s skin layer through medical infusion therapy that will provide a healthy boost to the skin from within. This serum is usually custom-made, keeping in mind the current condition and the patient’s requirements. 


How is the Process Conducted?


Two main subprocesses are a part of this process. First, a pen or wand-shaped object with a diamond tip is used for exfoliation and impurity removal from the skin surface. The impurity removal process in dermal infusion is conducted through a vacuuming process. Suppose you have ever opted for what is popularly known as Hydra Facial. In that case, you know how diamond tips are exclusively designed and highly efficient for removing impurities and dead skin from the skin


Dermalinfusion is not only applicable for your face skin; it is also performed on the neck and the upper chest region.


The diamond tip used for deep skin exfoliation almost looks like a pen applied all over your face’s permit. In some clinics, disposable vortex tips are also used instead of using a diamond tip. The best part is that this diamond tip’s coarse or fine will be exclusively customized to suit your skin texture. Also, not the same force or coarseness of the end is applied on all the skin parts. Areas of the face such as the undereye and lips are treated gently. 


The customized serum infused as a part of this treatment is based on the patient’s particular requirements. The serum can treat multiple skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, etc. Fine lines and rosacea are acute skin problems that can be treated effectively through dermal infusion therapy. The serum is infused in the skin, which gives birth to the name of the process. 


Benefits of Dermal Infusion


Dermalinfusion is prescribed to patients with various skin conditions, and it is very effective in treating all of them. Here are the major benefits of using the dermal infusion therapy on the skin:


● Dermalinfusion is used to infuse pre hyaluronic acid serum to the skin of patients suffering from rosacea, and it works phenomenally well to treat the condition.


● For patients suffering from hyperpigmentation and various other acne scars, decapeptide 12 is infused into the skin using this therapy. It reduces inflammation as well as mitigates the spots and pigmentation.


● Dermalinfusion is also used to even out the skin colour and restore the skin’s natural glow that is often lost due to inadequate skin exfoliation. A session of dermal infusion can exfoliate the skin deeply from within and allow the dermatologist to infuse the skin of the patient with multiple serum combinations targeted at treating various skin conditions in the best way.


Dermalinfusion is one of the latest and most recent processes used for goal-oriented customized skin treatment. So, when are you getting your session?


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