Crime Scene Cleanup Service


Crime scene cleanup can be an extremely hazardous endeavor and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Without appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures in place, pathogens such as bloodborne illness, Hepatitis C, or HIV could contaminate items at the scene and pose health risks to anyone who steps inside it. Uncover the best info about crime scene cleanup service in Madison Wisconsin.

Once police have cleared a property for safety purposes, crime scene cleaners come in to restore it with their specialized equipment and proven remediation methods.

Professional Equipment

Professional crime scene cleanup companies possess the necessary cleaning and disinfecting equipment to safely remove blood, bodily fluids, and any potentially hazardous materials from crime or trauma scenes. Furthermore, they adhere to industry protocols when collecting biohazardous waste – this ensures no transmission of harmful pathogens is occurring during their removal and disposal processes.

Crime scene cleaners utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) and traditional cleaning supplies in their work. PPE kits consist of full-body suits with hoods that cover heads, sleeves that extend down to wrists and ankles, non-porous gloves, non-porous respirator filters, and non-porous respirator filters – these suits are often disposable after only one use! Additional cleaning supplies such as buckets, mops, spray bottles, sponges, and wipers must also be discarded after every use.

Crime scene cleaners employ not only standard cleaning products but also specialized tools. These include scraping implements to avoid disturbing or tampering with evidence; UV lamps to detect trace amounts of forensic residue invisible to the naked eye; absorbent pads for quickly soaking up blood and other fluid spills before they seep too profoundly into porous surfaces; and advanced cleaning machines like Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning machine which combines automatic chemical metering/injection, pressure washing, wet vacuum, and wet vacuum technology for comprehensively cleaning any crime/trauma scene without ever touching mop/bucket/bucket/rag/rag or spray bottle!


Crime scene cleanup professionals possess extensive training in biohazard remediation, meaning they have the necessary expertise to identify and safely dispose of dangerous pathogens that pose health risks to those exposed. This may include bloodborne pathogens that pose risks when coming in contact with surfaces or objects; proper disposal must also take place so as not to spread contamination further.

Crime scene cleaners specialize in finding and removing every piece of biological material at a scene, including fabrics, carpets, wallboards, and any other materials contaminated by blood or body fluids. Furthermore, they know how to manage the emotional stress caused by working at a crime scene.

Sanitizing and disinfecting an area aren’t the only things they offer; deep cleaning and deodorization services also involve scrubbing away stains, clearing away debris or rubbish from the scene, eliminating foul smells, restoring items damaged by contamination such as carpeting or flooring materials, etc.

Over the past several decades, crime scene cleanup companies have advanced considerably with an increased emphasis on standardization and regulation. Today’s services offered by crime scene cleaners are more comprehensive and professional than ever; some even provide counseling or resource referrals to help alleviate financial strain caused by an unexpected crime scene event and provide families with the care they require.

Timely Response

Crime scene cleanup companies provide invaluable services to remove blood and bodily fluid stains that have been left behind at a crime scene, not only as they pose a direct risk to visitors but also reduce property values. They specialize in eliminating these dangerous materials while simultaneously expediently restoring surfaces.

Professional crime scene cleaners are specially trained in the proper methods for cleaning up crime and trauma scenes. This may involve using specialized implements to search out every trace of biological material, such as blood and other bodily fluids – this ensures every potential health risk is eliminated and provides victims’ families with comfort during a trying time. Additionally, crime scene cleaning specialists possess skills in offering compassionate support during such difficult moments.

Bloodborne pathogens can linger at crime scenes for an extended period if proper cleanup procedures aren’t followed, leading to serious health risks for anyone coming in contact with them, including Hepatitis B and HIV infections. A professional crime scene cleaner will ensure all traces of contamination have been eliminated so as to reduce further exposure and avoid spreading harmful diseases amongst their clients.

Once law enforcement officials have completed their investigations and returned the property to its owner, a crime scene cleanup service must be hired immediately to restore it to its original state. These professionals can remove all biological materials as well as fix them back to their former condition.


Professional crime scene cleanup services follow stringent health and safety standards to avoid cross-contamination of their employees and customers, including wearing protective equipment such as hard hats and wearing safety glasses while disposing of hazardous waste in an orderly fashion, decontaminating all surfaces post cleaning and using test kits to confirm disinfection of crime scenes.

Crime scenes often contain blood and bodily fluids that contain diseases like Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and COVID-19 that could be transmitted through these bodily fluids, necessitating special cleaning agents and disinfectants to kill all pathogens that could transmit these illnesses. Crime scene cleaners possess both the equipment and expertise required to clean these scenes effectively while eliminating any unpleasant odors present in them.

Professional crime scene cleaners will work closely with you to assess whether or not your insurance will cover the cost of their service, often offering direct billing directly to your provider, which can save a great deal of hassle during a difficult time. Furthermore, some cleanup companies work now with insurance agencies to file claims and get you the coverage that you deserve; these services might even be covered under homeowner or rental policies in some instances; to learn more, contact a provider that specializes in this area.

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