Cremation Diamonds


Cremation diamonds offer an unforgettable way to remember a loved one. Wearable or displayed as keepsakes, cremation diamonds are stunning keepsakes that can serve as both memorials and keepsakes. Often the Amazing fact about cremation diamond.

Companies that specialize in cremation diamond production turn the ashes used to create these beautiful treasures into pure carbon graphite, then undergo an elaborate process that turns them into beautiful diamonds.


Cremation continues to gain in popularity as a means of handling the remains of deceased family and friends, with many opting to scatter ashes at unique places while others store them in beautiful urns. Now, there is an innovative trend emerging that allows you to transform these ashes into diamonds – an honoring gesture to memorialize a lost one in this way.

Cremation diamond prices depend on which company and gem size and color you choose, along with production time. Most companies will provide general pricing guides so that you have an idea of what to expect; some also offer discounts when placing larger orders of cremation diamonds.

Your cremation diamond options include radiant, emerald, and princess cuts; each can be personalized with an engraving of any message or photograph that matters to you. Some companies even provide Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification at no additional charge!

While these diamonds may not be extracted directly from the earth, they still share many of the same chemical properties and composition as natural diamonds. Instead, they’re created using carbon from other sources combined with the cremated ashes of your loved one; some companies even use hair, photographs, letters, or diary entries in this process. Some critics of this form of memorial claim cremation ashes do not contain enough carbon for a diamond to form; these people claim there isn’t enough carbon present.

Manufacturers have discovered that just a tiny amount of carbon can be enough to create a diamond, with other elements adding up over time to form the rest of its makeup. Some have even experimented with different kinds of carbon sources – charcoal from funeral ashes themselves being one of them and even using carbon recovered from TikTok videos of deceased persons or personal letters or diaries!


Cremation diamonds offer a meaningful way to remember a loved one, with many companies that create them offering certificates of authenticity with each product they make. Each certificate provides complete grading reports confirming its trustworthy source; some even offer lifetime warranties against fade or any defects that might appear with use.

Making a memorial diamond requires extracting carbon from ashes through a multi-stage chemical process and using a machine designed to replicate natural conditions to form diamond seeds, followed by polishing and cutting to bring out their brilliance. Cremation diamonds may come from one person or many, including hair, which contains 45 percent carbon content; their minimal impurities help ensure they retain value over time.

Cremation diamond manufacturers employ pyrolysis, an industrial process used to extract carbon from human remains using high heat and pressure into graphite. Once obtained, this graphite is then analyzed to ascertain its level of carbon. If not enough carbon can be found within human remains alone, additional generic carbon may be added in order to make a 99.9% pure gem from this process.

Some religious groups approve of turning ashes into diamonds, while others do not. Before placing an order with any company that sells ashes-to-diamond services, their process must fit your religious beliefs. For example, most Jewish people view cremation diamonds as unacceptable; Muslims also do not allow cremation practice and would, therefore, never permit their ashes to be transformed into one either. Taoists do not prohibit cremation but instead recommend burial or scattering on sacred ground for best results.

One key consideration when purchasing a cremation diamond is its level of clarity. Clarity plays an integral part in selecting any gemstone, as it determines how easily its flaws can be seen. Furthermore, size will influence clarity as smaller stones often contain more inclusions than larger ones.


Your cremation diamond’s size depends on how much ash was used. For instance, if you wish to create a large diamond from your loved one’s ashes, working with a company will require much ash, but they must ensure it remains pure enough in order to create high-quality diamonds using a proprietary purification process that removes inclusions and enhances clarity for an excellent finished product.

Ashes to diamonds companies utilize an intricate process to convert carbon into diamonds, which requires high heat and pressure. The end product is an exquisite jewel that memorializes your loved one. Many companies provide photos or videos during this process so you can keep track of its development – some reputable ones include Eterneva, which has been in business for more than 12 years, and LifeGem, which was featured on the Shark Tank TV show.

Consider which makers provide color options when selecting a diamond maker. Cremation diamonds come in various hues – yellow, blue, and even colorless are possible. Please choose an appropriate shade to honor someone special; perhaps match their eyes or hair.

Some cremation diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity to prove they are honest and verified by diamond assessment laboratories to ensure their quality. Once polished and cut into jewelry or keepsakes, these cremation diamonds can then be set into their settings, ready for wear.

The price for cremation diamonds depends on their size and color choices, so it is advisable to shop around and find a company that provides you with a clear breakdown of what the fees will be before placing your order. A reliable company values transparency and should give you a quote quickly so that you can use this information to select the one that best meets your needs.


After losing a loved one, many mourners hold onto tangible pieces like locks of hair or cremated remains stored in an urn. Another way of remembering them would be having them transformed into priceless diamonds through cremation remembrance services; this way, your memories won’t have to travel from gravesite every year!

Before diamonds can be created, at least a couple of ounces of cremains must be provided to the lab producing them. Lab-grown natural diamonds use similar processes – the lab will isolate carbon from cremains and purify it so it can be used as the building block of diamond synthesis machines. After cleansing carbon from cremains through chemical processes that turn it into flake graphite, flake graphite is put in a cylindrical shape and introduced into one.

Temperature and pressure within this machine transform carbon into diamond, with its color determined by the amount of nitrogen and boron present within it – more nitrogen will produce yellow stones while more boron creates blue ones.

After the diamond is created, it must be cut and polished – this step gives it its beauty and clarity. Finally, it will be shipped off to its new owner, who will be presented with a certificate that contains lab records, scientific analysis, and production details of the gem.

Though many companies that provide this service are legitimate, you must conduct thorough research before committing. Unfortunately, some are frauds who only collect your money without actually following through with turning the ashes into diamonds; others have even been featured on TV programs like Shark Tank! When researching companies, make sure you look for reviews from past customers as a good indication of quality service.

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