Copper Scrap For Sale – What Grades of Copper Scrap Are Available?


Selling copper scrap can be an extremely profitable venture if approached correctly. From wire and transformer pieces to low-grade plumbing materials and even old transformers, copper can bring in the top dollar when sold to an appropriate scrap yard. Find the copper scrap for sale.

Bare bright copper (grade 1) is the most profitable type of scrap copper available, as it comprises wire and cable that has not been thinned to less than 16 gauge thickness.
Bare Bright Copper

Copper is an invaluable metal found in many electrical devices and machinery. Due to its excellent conductivity and longevity, copper scrap is highly sought-after among dismantling projects and demolition jobs; stripped bare, bright copper wire scrap is among the most profitable forms available for sale at local scrap yards.

Bare bright copper is one of the most valuable forms of scrap copper available and represents its greatest financial reward for scrap dealers. Also referred to as bright and shiny copper, this grade refers to uncoated, unalloyed wire or cable no thinner than 16 gauge thickness with an attractive shine. Any additional materials or plating, such as tin plating, should also be absent, along with any paint, impurities, or signs of tarnishing; tape or shrink wrap may significantly diminish its quality.

If you possess an abundance of bare copper wire, it must be separated into various grades for maximum profit. One method for doing this is stripping off its insulation with a stripper; this step helps prevent you from bringing tin-coated scrap into the scrap yard and can yield the highest payment from scrap yards.

#2 Copper is one of the highest-value forms of copper, consisting of any clean cable or wire stripped of its insulation and no thicker than 16 gauge wire. To be considered pure #2 copper, it must be free from brass, steel, die-cast, and aluminum attachments as well as excessive oil/heavy sediment build-up; such specimens are commonly found in electrical motor windings, copper-bearing tubing or insulated cables with solid cores that contain 94%-98% pure copper content.
Grade 2 Copper

Copper scrap material that falls into this grade includes bus bars, clippings, commutator segments, and wire that measures at least 1/16 of an inch in diameter; additionally, copper tubing and wire-free from fittings, insulation, paint, or solder, as well as any traces of oxidation are acceptable items.

This copper scrap grade has a more worn and aged appearance than #1 copper and comprises various unalloyed copper wires and pipes with corrosion and possible tin or nickel coatings, along with fittings that may have some solder or bearding present.

Insulated copper wire of low-grade #2 also falls into this category, such as appliance cords or extension wire. This material usually features a thick gauge of at least 16 and heavy plastic or double insulation; some degrees of tin or nickel coating or slight tarnish may still qualify it for classification as #2 copper material.

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Grade 3 Copper

Copper scrap is among the most desirable metals available to scrap dealers, thanks to its infinitely recyclable life and extensive use in motors, computers, construction machinery, and industrial applications. When selling it back for cash, remember that all copper scrap isn’t created equal: each recycling center or scrap dealership may quote different prices depending on its grading. Therefore, it pays to know precisely which grades differ between recycling centers to get a fair value for your copper.

Grade 1 copper scrap is often considered the highest quality variety and is often referred to by scrap dealers as “bright and shiny.” This category encompasses unalloyed copper wire or cable without insulation, plastic, or any other attachments, measuring 16 gauge thickness or less and free from paint or impurities – such as inside VCRs, DVD players, or laptops with ribbon wire containing this grade of material.

#2 Copper is the second highest grade, typically identifiable by its slightly dirty appearance compared to grade #1 copper. This grade encompasses all miscellaneous, unalloyed copper products – pipes, tubing, solid metal pieces that still have solder or another coating – without insulation that exceeds 16 gauge thickness; slight oxidation may occur as long as it doesn’t become excessive.
Light Copper

Copper metal is highly sought after among scrap yards and recycling centers due to its versatility and durability, finding use in electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, old coins, etc. Additionally, recycling copper saves energy as it requires less energy extraction from the earth than mining new ore for processing into metal products.

Bare, bright copper scrap is one of the highest-paying types. This grade consists of an uncoated, unalloyed wire that’s no thicker than 16 gauge and free from paint or other impurities; insulation need not be removed. #1 Copper also proves profitable – including clean copper clippings, bus bars, and tubing or copper tubing scrap.

Scrap Copper Insulated 35% is a copper scrap with lower quality than #2, yet still offers tremendous value. This scrap contains multiple strands of copper wire within plastic insulation for single or double insulation.

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Copper Dust

Copper scrap is an invaluable material that serves numerous applications. From plumbing pipes and electrical wiring to manufacturing electronics and cars. Copper is one of the world’s three most consumed metals; its high conductivity and demand make it essential in homebuilding, hospitals, commercial structures, plumbing, automobiles, and telecom services. Copper mining costs have increased due to demand; more money and labor are required than ever to extract it; thus, its price is expected to continue rising over time.

Selling copper scrap is a quick and straightforward way to generate extra income, especially when searching for specific material types. But you must understand the different kinds of copper scrap and their values to know when and to whom it would best benefit.

When buying copper scrap, look for the highest grade possible to maximize its value and ensure maximum returns on your scrap investment. Remove any impurities, such as brass connectors or end fittings, as this could detract from its weight; additionally, any dirt or grease build-up should also be eliminated as it decreases value further.

One excellent way to acquire copper scrap is by searching garage sales and flea markets in your local area. Additionally, asking friends and family if they have any old copper materials they’d be willing to donate could also help – sort all scrap when selling it to maximize profit!

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