Conch Piercings Are Spiking in Popularity


Conch piercings have become one of the hottest new piercing trends this year. Located in the center part of the ear, conch piercings allow for a range of stylish jewelry to showcase your individuality. It’s no wonder these versatile piercings are spiking in popularity in 2023. To know more, check out

What is a Conch Piercing?

A conch piercing, called the conch, is located in the center part of the ear. It can be pierced in different locations within the conch, including:

– The inner conch – This is closest to the head and typically uses a small gauge post or hoop.

– The mid conch – Slightly farther out with more room for jewelry.

– The outer conch – Located farther out on the ear with the most options for jewelry.

A conch piercing is usually done with a needle at a professional studio. Healing takes 3-12 months, depending on the person. Once healed, you can adorn your conch piercing with a variety of jewelry, from studs to hoops to chains.

Why Conch Piercings Are Trending

Conch piercings allow you to make a subtle yet stylish statement. They’ve surged in popularity recently for a few key reasons:

– Versatility – Hoops, studs, drops, and more all look great in a conch piercing. It’s an easy way to showcase your flair.

– New take on ear piercings – Conch piercings offer something fresh and modern compared to traditional earlobe piercings.

– Edgy but understated – Conch piercings have an edgier look than plain studs but are still more discreet than many facial piercings.

– Intrigue and originality – Their unique look stands out while their inner ear placement adds mystery.

Conch Piercing Jewelry Ideas

Once your conch piercing heals, the fun part begins – choosing jewelry! From subtle to bold, here are some chic conch jewelry options:

– Hoops – Conch hoops come in various diameters for a trendy look. Go for plain metal or add gems.

– Studs – Diamond, gemstone, or plain metal conch studs add shine.

– Drops – Delicate conch drops dangle beautifully in the inner ear.

– Chains – Add a modern edge with delicate conch chains trailing from the piercing.

– Cuffs – Conch cuff jewelry wraps around the edge of the piercing for a dramatic flair.

– Charms – Mini charms hung from the conch piercing are playful and charming.

Go Bold or Subtle

The great thing about conch piercings is you can style them as subtly or boldly as you wish. For a subtle look, stick with plain metal studs or small hoops. For maximum impact, opt for oversized rings, chains, or conch jewelry with striking drops and charms. The options are endless!

Get on Board with This Hot Trend

Conch piercings offer an excellent way to upgrade your ear piercings with a striking yet edgy style. It’s no wonder their popularity is skyrocketing this year. If you’re looking for a versatile new piercing that makes a statement, a conch piercing is a fashionable choice in 2023.

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