Capita Indoor Survival 2023


Capita Indoor Survival is the ultimate twin for those who enjoy riding parks while looking for additional jib capabilities. Capita Indoor Survival makes a statement in any setting, featuring a Freestyle FK profile with Carbon load bars for added pop and an eco-friendly wood core. Capita Indoor Survival makes a statement in any environment!

P2 Superlight Core reduces weight while its Titanal Centerline Booster creates incredible underfoot response, allowing you to unleash turbocharged hot laps across any terrain at your resort.

Wider Waist Widths

The capita indoor survival board is an excellent option for riders who enjoy freestyle-oriented boards with some added aggression (but not ultra-aggressiveness) that can handle everything but powder (it does offer some resistance). Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders looking for something with a slightly freestyle flair.

The Meta Core comprises paulownia, poplar, and highly flexible birch wood that absorbs vibrations for excellent vibration damping and response. Meanwhile, its Quantum Drive base absorbs wax quickly and hard, resulting in incredible turning ability and ollie power.

P2 Superlight Core

For the 2023 season, CAPiTA has transformed this legendary series for a new generation of riders. The Indoor Survival is an all-mountain, directional twin designed to deliver turbocharged hot laps on any terrain your resort offers. Upgrades have included adding P2 Superlight Cores and Titanal Centerline Boosters that reduce weight while adding responsiveness. These upgrades enhance the ride experience.

This lightweight, versatile core is designed to withstand high impact and deliver maximum pop. Constructed of poplar and paulownia wood for even distribution and certified as FSC compliant for ultimate strength while remaining weight efficient – an essential feature when engaging in technical freestyle riding.

Blended Radial Sidecut adds further performance by offering a single radius arc across most of the board combined with an exclusive blend zone at each contact point, enabling edge hold when carving hardpack and pop when riding through pow.

Flex is 5/10, making this board ideal for park and resort skating, while the camber shape features zero camber sections near the twin tails for a smooth, controlled ride that’s easily switchable. Beginners looking for speed with easier control should consider this board an option.

Capita’s fastest bases utilize an innovative blend of recycled agricultural raw materials that help keep it lightweight without compromising strength or durability. Furthermore, a small amount of carbon is added for increased responsiveness and energy transfer.

New Age Twin Shape

The New Age Twin Shape is one of CAPiTA’s most beloved boards, as its technical specifications offer unmatched versatility and rider satisfaction. Boasting waist widths more commonly found on traditional freestyle and resort snowboards, its turn response and ollie power rival those seen with conventional boards. Its zero camber sections spread throughout its sidecut allow riders to feel its response and power without compromising speed or maneuverability.

Our META Core utilizes our P2 Superlight Core for weight reduction. Its Titanal Centerline Booster yields incredible underfoot response – the perfect combination for turbocharged hot laps in parks, pipes, groomers, wall hits, or cat tracks.

Death Grip

The latest iteration of the popular capita indoor survival features a broader waist for improved riding stability and an updated base structure. The sintered Quantum Drive base absorbs wax more effectively for powerful performance, while its newly designed Meta Core uses Paulownia, Poplar, and Birch wood with shock-absorbing properties to both save weight and provide shock absorption properties combined with its inlaid Titanal Centerline Booster. This construction offers incredible response underfoot for added fun in parks, pipes, groomers, and wall hits.

This all-around freestyle snowboard will put your mind at ease on any terrain. Carve effortlessly across mountains even in challenging snow conditions with ease, using its mighty ollie power and responsive edges for excellent ollie performance.