Budweiser Can Cake


A Budweiser Can Cake is an eye-catching present to create for any special event or milestone birthday, such as their own or that of someone special in your life. A great birthday or any other celebration gift idea!

Assemble eight beer cans into a circle for your first layer and place cardboard over it before adding six beer cans as your second.

Beer Cake Recipe

This delicious beer cake makes a beautiful dessert option for any celebration! With such an easy recipe and guaranteed success, your friends are sure to be impressed! Give this mouthwatering treat a try now – they’ll love it!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 10-cup plain Bundt pan with cooking spray, and dust both bottom and sides with flour. Whisk together cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, oil, and beer in a large bowl until well mixed; stir in beer. Transfer batter to prepared pan and bake until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, 45-50 minutes. Allow the cake to cool on the rack for 10 minutes before flipping it onto the cooling rack to finish cooling completely. Combine confectioners’ sugar with two tablespoons of beer in order to create a thick glaze. Drizzle evenly over the cake as soon as it sets before serving!

Note: Any beer will work for this recipe; however, darker beers like stouts and porters pair exceptionally well with chocolate due to their malty flavors and textures. Lagers and wheat beers also add warm spices for an exciting touch – for an original approach, try substituting fruity IPA or another craft beer in its place!

Make this delectable cake easily and leave your guests asking, “What’s in this cake?” The beer adds an exciting taste that pairs perfectly with chocolate; plus, most of its alcohol evaporates during baking to leave only a subtle trace of beer behind! A decadent cake, this indulgent treat features a rich ganache to complete its luxuriousness! Dairy-free and easily transportable and serve – making this cake ideal for special events like St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special celebration! You could use certified gluten-free beer instead of flour if you are gluten intolerant; otherwise, this recipe can easily be altered using your preferred all-purpose baking flour alternative.

Beer Can Cake Recipe

Beer Can Cake: An Extraordinary Dessert Idea for Friends Who Enjoy Beer

First, gather all the beer cans that you require. Stouts work best. In addition, eggs and butter may also be needed; additionally, you will require a platter large enough to contain them all.

Once you have all your supplies ready, it is time to begin building the cake. Start by laying down a base: 9-inch circles fit approximately six beer cans, while 14-inch boards can hold about 20-23 bottles or cans. Next, cover this layer with different-sized ribbons as the next step.

Next, create the second layer. Place beer cans further apart than before and allow more room between them and the edge of the cardboard. When finished, stack another layer using fewer beer cans than before; be sure to decorate this layer with ribbons of different colors!

Once the cake is assembled, it is ready for serving. For added festivity and celebration of any particular event or holiday, you may choose to add streamers, bows, or other decorations that match. In the case of birthday parties, you could add candles as an extra special touch!

Though most bakers rely on spirits when creating baked goods, beer can provide plenty of creative ways for bakers. Beer adds rich flavors and creates exciting textures in cakes; amber ale is particularly perfect when combined with ginger molasses cookies; similarly, it adds depth and complexity to stout cupcakes. Pale lagers or witbiers with citrus and coriander notes also make delicious baking ingredients.

Beer Mug Cake Recipe

If you love beer and want a quick and delicious dessert to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this recipe may be your solution! With only three steps necessary and just 15 minutes per serving required in a microwave oven, this single-serve chocolate beer mug cake makes a quick treat perfect for St. Patty’s Day celebrations – plus its unique touch of beer flavor adds even more deliciousness!

Use any beer you’d like for this recipe, from stout beers such as Guinness and Porter to Heineken or Bud Light lager beers – as long as it has a strong taste – as this will produce the best results in terms of flavor. Alcohol will evaporate during baking, but its flavor will remain, adding an element of bittersweet bitterness that helps balance out sweetness.

Prepare the Mugs: Grease each mug lightly with vegetable oil or cooking spray to prevent the cake from adhering to its bottom and sides, or line each cup with parchment paper if desired.

Combine the cake ingredients: Whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt in one large bowl while simultaneously mixing root beer with sugar in another. Slowly whisk in your flour mixture into this root beer mixture until all components have been evenly blended; avoid overmixing!

Division of Batter: Equally Divide the Cake Batter Between Mugs: If using individual mugs for making these cake pops, divide and spoon out cake batter evenly among them – fill each to about two-thirds full – using a tablespoon. Microwave the Mug Cakes on High: Cook your mug cakes from one minute 30 seconds to two minutes until your cake has risen and is firm to the touch – before enjoying!

Remove mugs from the microwave and allow them to cool slightly before taking them out of the oven to serve. Spoon a small scoop of vanilla ice cream onto each cake before topping it with root beer sauce and glazed nuts, and pipe white buttercream using a round nozzle to create the appearance of beer foam.

Add an extra treat by topping your mug cake off with a shot of root beer for an unforgettable celebration of this holiday! This drink-inspired dessert is sure to please any crowd at any party or gathering!