Buccal Fat Removal Before and After Men


Buccal fat removal is a safe, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure with impressive results, especially among men looking for ways to slim down and masculinize their cheeks. For men unhappy with their full cheeks or looking to achieve more masculine features. What do you need to consider about بوکال فت.

Selecting the ideal surgeon is essential to achieving satisfactory results. Your surgeon must be board-certified with extensive experience performing this type of procedure and possess hospital privileges for added safety.

The Procedure

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure designed to diminish the prominence of cheeks by extracting buccal fat pads. Performed under local anesthesia, men may experience minimal discomfort during recovery from this surgical process. Men with chubby cheeks may find buccal fat reduction beneficial as it helps them achieve a slimmer facial profile without losing muscle mass; additionally, this procedure can highlight cheekbones more prominently for a chiseled appearance and boost self-esteem for those living with rounded faces.

Buccal fat pads are rounded masses of fat found in the hollow space beneath each cheekbone, and their size determines a person’s facial features. Large buccal fat pads are often described as having “baby faces.” Although having more enormous cheeks may not always be problematic, some men find their features too rounded and heavy; genetics play a huge role in their sizes and cannot be altered through diet or exercise alone.

Under this surgery procedure, surgeons use small incisions inside the mouth to remove excess buccal fat. Dissolvable stitches will then be used to close these incisions quickly and without extensive downtime – though healing time will vary from case to case; during this time, men should try sticking to soft meals while drinking plenty of water to avoid complications like infection.

Buccal fat reduction can be an excellent solution for men of all ages who are looking to slim the lower portion of their face. In order for it to work successfully, patients must first be in good health, without medical conditions such as Parry-Romberg syndrome that cause facial shrinkage. Also, ideal candidates for this procedure have naturally round faces that aren’t too narrow – this ensures that buccal fat pads will naturally decrease with age without appearing saggy or wrinkled when reduced with age; otherwise, they may opt for other cosmetic facial procedures to achieve results faster.


Buccal fat removal surgery is a relatively minor process with life-changing results, making it the ideal solution for men with excess cheek fat, which affects their self-image, or who want a slimmer facial structure. Furthermore, this option works wonders for naturally fuller faces who wish to slim their cheeks down for improved facial framing.

Treatment with local anesthesia ensures an almost pain-free procedure; however, some bruising and swelling are to be expected after surgery. Most patients can return to regular activity within days following the operation; however, during recovery, patients must adhere to doctor instructions regarding hot or spicy food intake until their incisions heal completely.

At a consultation, the doctor will discuss the patient’s goals and address any queries, as well as recommend an action plan and the amount of fat removal needed. He may then create an incision inside their mouth and extract any excess fat before suturing up their incisions and concluding the procedure.

Men who suffer from prominent cheeks can look older and less mature than they actually are or who have stubborn baby fat that won’t respond to diet or exercise can use this procedure as an option to enhance their looks and prevent their faces from beginning to sag from late adulthood onward. It is ideal to undergo this procedure before it becomes necessary in order to maintain facial structures for extended periods.

Men who wish to have buccal fat removed should be in good health and at an ideal weight for their size, without smoking, which could potentially hinder healing and result in complications during recovery.

Candidates for this procedure include individuals with severe medical conditions or unstable weight issues, those who possess thin facial features such as narrow jawlines and thin, narrow faces, as well as very lean men who could risk looking gaunt after surgery; hence, it is mainly recommended for people who possess excess cheek fat.


Men who struggle with chubby cheeks that do not respond to weight loss and diet may benefit from buccal fat reduction surgery, a process designed to lessen their prominence and create more angular features on the face. Cheek sculpting allows this procedure to deliver dramatic results, often combined with additional functions like cheek implants or jaw-chin implants, which enhance facial contours and create sleeker profiles.

Recovery time from this procedure is relatively fast. Patients will experience some swelling that should subside within days – most men can return to work and other activities immediately following the process, which is performed under local anesthetic for maximum comfort and safety.

Men who wish to undergo buccal fat removal should be in good overall health, and non-smokers, as smoking may interfere with the healing process and cause complications. Patients suffering from other facial conditions, such as rosacea, may not be good candidates for surgery; as it’s minimally invasive and recovery times tend to be faster than other surgical cosmetic treatments, this surgery is one of the more popular choices available to men looking to take control of their facial appearance.

Women may have long been focused on attaining model profiles and jawlines, while now men are following suit with cosmetic surgery procedures such as buccal fat removal. This procedure has already gone viral on TikTok; many men post videos showing off how their chubby cheeks transformed into ski-slope cheekbones with gaunter profiles.

Finding an experienced surgeon to perform male patients’ liposuction procedures can be daunting since every individual’s need for liposuction differs significantly. Furthermore, this delicate operation demands that the surgeon has an eye for balance and harmony in facial structure.

Results of buccal fat reduction are permanent and won’t reappear with age, giving men who undergo the procedure hope of a slimmer, refined facial appearance that will withstand natural aging effects. It’s an excellent solution for men who feel self-conscious about having prominent cheeks or are tired of being teased about having chipmunk cheeks – it could even save lives!


Buccal fat removal is an inexpensive procedure that can be performed in the office. Men who undergo this facial contouring treatment can improve the definition of their cheekbones and jawline for a more balanced, chiseled face. In addition to eliminating excess cheek fat, this procedure may also include implant placement or reduction as part of a more comprehensive solution that enhances facial features further.

Facial contour is determined by our bone structure and fatty tissue that covers it, with upper cheek shape determined primarily by genetics and often leading to round “apples of the cheeks” in women or more chiseled lower faces in men. Buccal fat pads in the lower part of the face add an entire, round appearance; however, these can be removed for a more masculine and chiseled lower face look without impacting facial symmetry.

The buccal fat removal procedure is performed minimally invasively under local anesthesia in the mouth. Once an incision has been made below the cheekbones, excess fat will be gently extracted through that opening by a surgeon who then closes it using dissolvable sutures – taking about 30-60 minutes alone or can be combined with other facial procedures.

After your procedure, you must follow your provider’s instructions to achieve optimal results. While discomfort or swelling may persist for a few days after, cold compresses or ice packs may help alleviate it; should pain medication be required from your provider, they will issue a prescription accordingly. Usually, it’s wise to arrange for transportation afterward since drugs may affect your ability to drive safely.

Candidates for buccal fat removal should be in excellent health overall and free from smoking, as smoking damages the oral tissues. As this procedure requires surgery, it’s wise to discuss your goals with a dual-board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure you’re an ideal candidate.

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