Bethel School of Technology – A Faith-Based, Values-Driven Online Tech Bootcamp


Bethel School of Technology is an online boot camp offering faith-driven tech training in Software Development, Data Science, and User Interface/UX Design. They aim to produce exceptional Christian technologists who serve companies with skill and character excellence.

Bethel University student describes how their nine-month coding bootcamp experience changed their life.


Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, and Bethel School of Technology’s cybersecurity degree can open doors to a rewarding career that pays well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, computer and information technology occupations will experience 13 percent annual job growth between now and 2026 – much faster than average national growth across professions.

Bethel University’s online cybersecurity program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the increasing demand for qualified candidates in cybersecurity fields. Over nine months, students can learn basic programming and networking fundamentals and advanced concepts related to computer science and cybersecurity – such as data analysis and developing software solutions for real-world problems. It prepares you for the CompTIA Security+ exam while equipping you with the skills to protect against cyberattacks.

One effective way for cybersecurity graduates to enhance their job prospects is to become involved with their local tech community. Networking events and hackathons offer excellent opportunities to network with other experts in cybersecurity while staying abreast of trends in this space. They must also maintain an active social media presence and create a professional resume.

Bethel University offers an online cybersecurity program with a certificate of completion upon graduation and access to a career services team dedicated to finding employment. Their experts will work with you to create an impressive online profile and resume and attend relevant networking and recruiting events; additionally, they offer guidance for interview processes and salary negotiations.

Bethel University provides career services and scholarships for its online programs, granting scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. To apply for one, an application form and essay must be submitted.

To ensure students receive a quality education, they must select accredited universities. Accredited universities adhere to stringent standards set forth by regional accreditation agencies and regularly undergo reviews from accreditation bodies, giving students confidence that their education will lead to a rewarding career path.

Full Stack Software Development

Whether you are an experienced developer looking to add to your skillset or an eager high schooler preparing for the future of work, full-stack software development courses provide in-demand coding skills. Like other coding boot camps, these immersive programs often last several months and cost considerably less than academic degrees.

Bethel School of Technology provides various online coding courses, including full-stack software development, data science, and user experience (UX/UI design). Their faith-based online tech school, launched in 2018, aims to produce technological professionals who serve their employers excellently in character and skill.

This nine-month program is specifically tailored to help those without previous computer coding experience break into the tech industry. The curriculum is highly focused, providing mentoring and instruction from experienced developers and instructors who emphasize emotional intelligence development for students – such as empathy, healthy communication, and trustworthiness, which are crucial skills needed in tech roles.

Bethel University offers high school students access to its Coding & Christian Leadership program through two 16-week courses that count for college credit and can be taken alongside regular classes. When completed, graduates will have access to Bethel’s full-stack software development program’s third module – saving time and money over the long term. Bethel also offers various tuition payment assistance such as private loans, scholarships, employer assistance, and military aid – making the school an attractive option.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is a field that specializes in crafting user-centric experiences for software, apps, and online platforms. This field requires conducting user analysis, designing wireframes, and prototyping designs as part of its methodology – making this an attractive career option for people interested in designing user-friendly experiences.

An influential UX/UI designer must be capable of creating beautiful and functional products, effectively communicating their ideas to stakeholders, and using data to inform decisions while working well within teams.

UX/UI design rapidly expands, so designers must stay current with emerging trends. Luckily, numerous resources online can help designers gain skills in this field – search “UX/UI design courses near me” to locate these tools.

Whether you want to launch your product or begin working at an established company, numerous opportunities are available to get you into the industry. Many programs provide mentorship or workshops to enhance your skill set; some even offer free coding training and career services!

Bethel School of Technology is an online Christian coding boot camp offering various computer science programming courses to prepare high school students for future employment and web development. Furthermore, the program gives the student solid foundational computer coding and web development knowledge.

Experienced instructors teach this course, and it includes practical assignments. It covers various topics, including web and mobile app development, data visualization, and the design of interactive websites and applications. Additionally, its curriculum allows the student to work at their own pace.

Bethel School of Technology is an online, faith-based technology boot camp that teaches its students software development, data science, UI/UX design, and UX/UI design. Their nine-month curriculum blends technical content with spiritual wisdom; graduates have gone on to work at companies like IBM, Dell, Infosys, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Tailored Brands after graduating.

Business Analytics

Bethel School of Technology opened in January 2018 as a nine-month online Christian faith-based, values-driven technology boot camp that offers courses such as Software Development, Data Science, and UX/UI Design. They aim to equip Christian technologists who serve companies with outstanding skills and character; graduates have gone on to work at notable companies such as IBM, Dell, Infosys, Disney, and Grubhub Ramsey Solutions, among many more.

This school offers an online Bachelor of Business Analytics degree that explores core elements of business such as marketing, accounting, finance, and economics. Furthermore, it covers analytical tools and methods such as predictive modeling and data visualization, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Graduates will be equipped to help organizations make more informed decisions based on insights gleaned from their business data.

This online degree program can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years part-time, using courses delivered asynchronously. Support services include IT support, library and bookstore services, academic advising services, tutoring career services, and campus life activities.

As data scientists become more in demand, so do opportunities for those holding business analytics degrees. Graduates equipped with these skills can use them to analyze a company and identify areas for improvement that can help solve complex problems, increase efficiency, and boost profits for their employers.

Business analysts must possess the necessary skills and knowledge but must also be adept at communicating their findings to non-technical colleagues to do their jobs effectively. This requires understanding technical details and how these problems relate to the overall business goals.

An advanced degree can be an excellent investment and pave the way to more lucrative career prospects. While tuition costs may be high, programs exist that make education affordable through financing options like student loans and scholarships; employers may even provide tuition reimbursement plans.