Best Coffee Maker Under $100


A sleek and user-friendly coffeemaker that consistently receives rave reviews. Features like its freshness meter and “coffee gauge” (like a fuel indicator) help users keep on track with their morning routine and stay organized and on schedule with their morning ritual.

1. Keurig

Keurig revolutionized the coffee maker market back in the 90s. Co-founders John Sylvan and Peter Dragone created single-serving coffee pods, allowing users to brew their perfect cup of joe quickly. This technology soon gained widespread traction across commercial settings and helped increase office productivity nationwide. While early Keurig models didn’t boast as many features, they offered infusion techniques and simple controls that were great additions to any office or kitchen environment.

Keurig fans looking for an affordable yet efficient coffee brewing machine should consider the Keurig K-Mini, as it features an ergonomic, minimalist design perfect for small kitchens, apartments, and dorm rooms. Furthermore, this unit has various color choices to add personalization to their countertop!

Keurig K-Mini coffee makers are designed for ease of use yet provide additional features not often seen with cheap models. These features include an electronic display for setting temperature settings efficiently and a programmable function to help schedule brew times. In addition, this model comes equipped with a water reservoir that’s easily removable, so refilling and cleaning become more straightforward tasks.

For those searching for an all-in-one coffee maker that can accommodate both traditional drip brewing and Keurig pods, the Hamilton Beach 49976 is an excellent option. This machine can make up to 12 cups at once using its carafe; additionally, it accepts K-Cups or ground coffee in an integrated holder and features a brew strength selector to let you select how strong of an aroma you desire in your coffee. There’s even an automatic programmable setting so your morning cup is ready without getting out of bed – perfect!

2. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics products are known for their helpful approach to design, and this coffee maker is no different. Though lacking some features of higher-end models, this simple coffeemaker still delivers everything necessary to produce delicious cups of joe without breaking the bank. Plus, it comes in an ideal small size, which is great for smaller kitchens or dorm rooms!

One of the critical characteristics to look out for in a budget coffee maker is complete extraction, which ensures that the coffee produced will be full-flavored and rich. Unfortunately, not every model offers this feature, but it’s essential if you want your morning cup to be genuinely fulfilling.

Automatic shutoff is also an invaluable feature, saving time and energy by stopping the brew cycle when it’s done; additionally, this feature will protect from accidents or fires by preventing it automatically.

Cheap coffeemakers typically cut corners to reduce costs, but this Black & Decker CM2035B stands out. Offering quick and straightforward auto-brew programming along with optimal temperature regulation throughout the brewing process and no drip carafe to avoid spills – making this an excellent budget solution!

Although this machine can accommodate K-cups and ground coffee, its best use is single-serve brewing. Furthermore, this model features extra features, such as its “pause function,” which enables you to pour one cup without interrupting the brewing process; ideal for busy individuals without time to wait for their entire pot of java to brew!

3. Cuisinart

Cuisinart is an American brand best known for its food processor. Established by Carl Sontheimer – an MIT graduate inspired by French cooking – in 1971, they provide smaller food preparation appliances with more power and flexibility. Since then, they’ve expanded to produce coffee makers, cookware, and universal design appliances that help make life more accessible for people with disabilities, among other products.

Cuisinart products experienced rapid sales growth during the mid-1970s due to celebrity chef James Beard and his promotional activities, such as publishing a spiral-bound recipe booklet featuring contributions from Marcella Hazan, Madhur Jaffrey, and Jacques Pepin. Furthermore, industrial designer Marc Harrison was hired by Cuisinart to enhance existing designs to increase functionality among people living with disabilities.

Cuisinart offers this dual brew model in black and white colors, designed for maximum energy efficiency with its stainless steel carafe without an internal water reservoir. Easy one-touch brewing button and self-cleaning function do most of your hard work. There’s an included reusable filter to reduce paper waste; it is compatible with standard filters, too.

When it comes to finding the best Cuisinart coffeemaker under $100, this model stands out due to its unbeatable combination of price, high-quality construction, and features that put it above cheaper alternatives. Furthermore, with its included reusable filter, you can reduce paper waste without compromising quality!

4. Hamilton Beach

Start your day right and find the ideal coffeemaker without breaking the bank – starting your day right starts with coffee! For many people, having their morning cup of joe is the best way to kick-start their day, providing the energy for work or personal pleasure. Getting it just right doesn’t have to be an expensive affair!

Hamilton Beach is known for manufacturing reliable, long-lasting appliances – their coffee makers are no different! Offering various sizes and models with features suitable for almost every type of coffee drinker – including programmability, brew-strength control, and carafe warming plates to help create personalized brews explicitly tailored to individual taste preferences.

Hamilton Beach offers another excellent feature with their FlexBrew models: dual brewing options. These allow users to simultaneously brew a cup or an entire carafe without resetting their machine after switching brewing methods. This saves both time and hassle!

Hamilton Beach’s intelligent coffee makers can also be connected with Alexa, giving you a convenient way to brew your preferred cup with just the sound of your voice. Controlled via an Echo Dot or Hamilton Beach app, they also learn your preferred brewing method, so each time, your cup will come out just how you want it!

Coffee makers are essential appliances for any severe coffee enthusiast, and these top picks will help you find one suitable for you, whether K-cups or ground beans. From critical to more sophisticated models, there’s sure to be something right on this list of the best coffee makers under $100.

5. Cuisinart

Cuisinart is an iconic food processor brand. Established by Carl Sontheimer in 1971 after being inspired by semi-automated French kitchen appliances, he reverse-engineered an apparatus that quickly chopped foods. This device, later known as a food processor, quickly became an instant hit, and soon, the company expanded into other small appliances like toasters, blenders, and cookware – even pioneering universal design products accessible to people living with disabilities.

The company also pioneered coffeemakers explicitly designed to produce espresso and cappuccino with reduced acidity while improving the flavor and aroma of each cup of coffee. Furthermore, they reduced water usage per cup and introduced glass carafes as heat loss protection measures.

Some may argue that the new coffee makers were expensive compared to older models, yet their results speak for themselves: these coffee machines have been widely acclaimed as “one of the greatest kitchen inventions since toothpicks.”

Cuisinart excelled at innovation during the 1990s, including creating an automatic drip and single-serve system and pushing color and design boundaries to make its moderately priced machines appear like European top-of-the-line appliances.

Today, the company upholds its original distinguishing by working with popular cooking channels such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty and Goodful to develop branded kitchenware lines with them. Their products range from high-end copper cookware to cordless citrus juicers, but its best sellers remain food processors, coffeemakers, and hand mixers in sizes ranging from one cup up to 12 cups that offer features such as temperature settings or how many cups can brew at one time.