Advertising methods in telegram


As you know, today, people pay more attention to social networks. Social networks are very effective in various fields, including advertising. Every business needs useful advertising to grow. If you choose a crowded space for advertising, you will be more productive. Telegram is one of the most popular messengers, and if you advertise on this messenger, you will see good results. In continuation of this article, join us in becoming acquainted with Telegram’s advertising methods.

Advertising methods in telegram

AdvTelegram in Telegram is Telegram into three parts: advertising on channelsin groups, and private chats. Stay with us to learn more about advertising methods in Telegram and Telegram. The best one is

  1. Advertising in Telegram channels: Telegram’s popular channels can be appropriate advertising methods. We will introduce three ways to advertise in this method in the following.

CPM Ads: In this method of advertising:

  • It does not matter how much money you have for advertising: it means that you can spend as much as the money and budget you have for advertising, and you will not pay any additional fee.
  • Your spending is targeted: In this method, you spend as much as your ad receives views, and you do not pay any additional costs.
  • You are sure of the cost you pay for advertising: This method does not involve fraud, and you can see that your post will get a real view.

CPC ads: CPC ads are just like CPM ads. The only difference between these two methods is that instead of the number of views, you pay for the number of clicks that are recorded on your post. In this method, you can spend as much as your budget.

Hourly ads: In this type of advertisement, you pay a fee to publish your ad for a certain period (12 hours or 24 hours) on different channels.

  1. Advertising in Telegram groups: In Telegram groups, you can get good feedback because countless members can be added. But you should also be aware your message may need to be paid attention to, and because of this, advertising in telegram groups is not recommended much. If you use these members and send messages to them privately, your advertising will be highly efficient. In doing this, you need a tool to extract IDs and numbers of telegram group members automatically. Our suggested tool is the Virtual User Extract group members specifications Bot.
  2. Advertising in private chat: you probably know this method is more suitable than the two previous methods. Because in this method, your message will be seen 100%. And if you advertise using this method, you can experience high advertising efficiency. People always pay more attention to the message that is sent in their private chat and certainly will see it. However, Telegram has some restrictions and obstacles for users. And does not allow people to advertise in this messenger. In the following, we will explain these obstacles and solutions to overcome them.

There are restrictions on daily message sending. According to this restriction, if you send more than 50 messages to strangers during the day, your account will be blocked. This restriction does not apply to acquaintances, and you can send as many messages as you want to these people.

If you want to send more than 50 messages a day, you should use several lines; in this case, your account will not be blocked. For example, if you want to send messages to 500 people in one day, you have to use ten lines, that is, send 50 messages with each line. Since doing this and switching between accounts manually is very time-consuming and challenging, we recommend you use a tool that can do all these affairs automatically. This tool is the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package.

Possible blocking and reporting by the audience: Using this feature, you can block and report accounts to the Telegram that contacted you. To avoid being blocked and reported, you should choose an appropriate advertising text message.

To get rid of being blocked or reported, you should pay attention to these two points:

  • Choosing an appropriate target audience: try to select your target audience correctly and send them your advertising message. For example, if your advertising content is cosmetics, you should send it to women.
  • Choosing appropriate advertising text: If you attract the audience by choosing a good text for the advertising message, the audience will not feel that you have bothered them.

In this article, we have explained the various advertising methods and restrictions in Telegram. You can use a tool to automate all advertising steps in Telegram. ThTelegram is the Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot, a product of the Virtual User website. To prepare this bot and other bots, refer to the Virtual User site.


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