Add a Magical Touch to Your Videos With AKVIS Decorator


Ladies’ dress change videos can add a unique visual element to any video, and AKVIS Decorator gives you flexible editing tools to create the ideal dress change transition online.

The fashion influencer starts the video wearing a classic cream knit dress, but as soon as she steps outside, it transforms into an eye-catching hue of pink – an effect so realistic it seems almost magical.

Color changing dress

Fashion influencer @izzipoopi made headlines online after posting a video to TikTok featuring her wearing a cream knit dress that changes color as she enters sunlight, becoming instantly iconic and making internet users marvel at its shade-shifting effect. It is likely made using thermochromic dyes – fabric dyes that change shade when exposed to heat – with internet users marveling at its shade-shifting effect. These thermochromic fabrics have long been around and used in various applications like changing light reflected off car headlights or automatically tinting sunglasses when entering sunlight.

The Color-Changing Dress is similar to an optical illusion that went viral in February 2015 and caused internet users to be divided. Although technically white and gold in reality, some perceived it as blue/black while for others red/gold was perceived. Scientists attributed this difference in perception to different combinations of rods and cones present in each retinal cell, which influences how people interpret color; however, that explanation doesn’t quite work with this dress because its image fills most of your visual field.

At this point, with limited information about lighting conditions or the background color of the dress available to us, our brains make assumptions as to its illumination. Once we detect an object, we attempt to identify its hue by subtracting surrounding hues; neuroscientists refer to this practice as “discounting chromatic bias of daylight axis.” Unfortunately, this causes us to perceive particular objects to be one color when they actually represent another hue.

Magical dress

Lovebird’s Moroccan Magic Dress, commonly referred to as the MAGIC Dress, has long been one of our best sellers. This piece can fit almost every body type perfectly and can be worn several different ways: simply draping its upper layer around the wrist gives a different look, while pulling up the reach button on the shoulder provides a symmetrical one-shoulder effect.

This dress serves as a stage gimmick and requires careful planning to execute successfully. Transitioning from red to yellow appears tricky as the skin-colored fabric has been sewn into the dress to conceal its undergarment – something made even more challenging by having helpers pull it off the duo before dropping their hoops!

Magic dresses are the ideal attire for spontaneous coffee dates and romantic dinners, from informal coffee breaks to more formal affairs such as anniversary dinners. Their casual yet carefree aesthetic allows you to relax into each momentous encounter while providing ample breathing room afterward. A genuinely outstanding magic dress should feel like second skin, looking equally at home when worn with sneakers as it does with heels.

Interactive dress

Adobe researchers unveiled an interactive garment at the Adobe MAX 2023: Sneaks event in Los Angeles, which can rapidly shift patterns with just the press of a button and respond to wearer movements. Christine Dierk of Adobe Research demonstrated how this digital dress could instantly switch its pattern from solid colors to shimmering crosshatch designs with just one touch, plus utilize embedded sensors that respond to wearer movements for a buttonless mode that responds instantly and effortlessly.

The outfit features flexible textile displays made of intelligent materials that can be layered onto fabric handbags and clothes to open up infinite style possibilities. Highly responsive to external triggers affecting its movement, the technology serves as both a canvas for new designs or low-power billboard flashing text-based ads – the researchers behind this interactive dress have already demonstrated its capabilities on handbags and canvases, yet this project marks its grandest application yet.

At the touch of a button, this interactive dress can display content created with Adobe software on its entire scaly surface, enabling users to bring their designs to life quickly. Developers aim to incorporate this technology into other creative industries – furniture being one such example – but don’t see this digital dress replacing traditional fashion, rather more like augmenting it by offering multiple downloadable designs for single garments, giving consumers more choice than ever before.