6 Recommended Solar Film Installation Workshops in Singapore


Many Singaporeans struggle with the sun’s intense heat, including burning their skin or spending hours cooling their car before driving. This article presents six recommended workshops that specialize in solar film installation. Best way to find the window film singapore.

Window films from Ugicoat come in various designs and specialized products, featuring absorptive nanoceramic window films to absorb UV and IR rays while remaining free of metallic components that interfere with communication signals, eliminating light scattering altogether.


Window-Cool window insulation films provide adequate summer heat and winter cold protection with their energy-efficient technology, blocking up to 78% of infrared solar radiation while permitting visible light. Choose between silver-mirrored films with neutral appearances or darkened tints that provide privacy or security – or those featuring low solar heat-gain coefficient (SHGC) and high visible transmittance (VT).

Read up on NFRC energy performance ratings.

Cool N Lite

Cool N Lite specializes in automotive solar tinting to add style and protection from UV rays to your car’s cabin. Additionally, Cool N Lite provides paint protection film to guard against rock chips and scratches without altering its aesthetic appearance. Founded in 2003 and with over 15 years of service, Cool N Lite has built an excellent reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service.

The astonishing N Lite solar film range is perfect for Singapore’s warm weather and high UV levels, featuring heat-rejecting abilities to reduce air conditioning use while lowering electricity bills and CO2 emissions. Available in multiple shades to meet all preferences and needs. Furthermore, its reduced glare prevents eye strain when driving long distances – particularly useful for people with sensitive eyes or those who go regularly.

This product range is popular with HDB and condominium homeowners due to its spectrally selective rejection capabilities, enabling maximum light transmission while attenuating excessive glare. The film can be applied directly onto PLANICLEAR clear float glass panels in an annealed and toughened/heat-strengthened form for easy application.

The astonishing N Lite solar film range boasts one of the strongest warranties in the industry, up to lifetime coverage on selected films and applications. Furthermore, there is a seven-year warranty against bubbles, peeling, oxidizing, cracking, and discolorization. Again, our world-class R&D team and internationally certified trainers help make Cool N Lite an ideal solution for homes and offices looking to reduce artificial lighting dependence.


If you’re searching for solar films to keep your car cool, Infratint offers USA-made solar films proven effective against Singapore’s humid and hot conditions. Their films block up to 99% of InfraRed and UV rays while providing superior comfort. Plus, their experts won’t interfere with cellular signals either! They install each solar film in an orderly, dust-free workshop.

Since 2005, this company has operated and boasts years of experience. They offer an array of films and installation services for cars, boats, commercial buildings, and homes alike; their windows feature shatter-resistant glass, making them safe in an accident. Their movies also help prevent significant amounts of heat from entering rooms, saving energy and money in energy consumption and costs.

Quality work and excellent customer service define them, with years of experience ensuring that each customer is delighted with their results. They pride themselves on being transparent and friendly service, never pressuring customers into buying something unnecessary – winning multiple awards, including Best Local Tinting Shop in 2014.

Miredo Asia works closely with companies like Sumitomo Japan to bring premium quality products from around the globe to your windows. Their window solar films act like superheroes for your windows – with fancy patented tech and premium quality materials. Already trusted by big names such as JR Japan railway trains and Suntec City/Tower tenants, now Miredo’s solar films can be enjoyed by all Singaporeans!

The Window People

The Window People offers windows and doors for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Their products and services are designed to keep homes cooler while cutting energy bills. Their window films use iQUE spectrally selective technology, which lets visible light wavelengths pass while blocking infrared and UV rays, with different tinting levels to suit other requirements.

3M provides an extensive range of 3M solar film products for use on cars and homes, offering customized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements and budgets. Their products come with warranties and can be installed onto glass buildings, cars, and even yachts – they even offer solar control films specifically tailored for each application.

Solarfilms are made from a durable polyester laminate that can be treated in multiple ways to enhance performance. They block UV rays and reduce heat, making them suitable for work and home. Plus, cleaning them is simple for long-term, low-maintenance solutions! Also, they are easy to install; apply them onto any window or door in seconds!

3M Prestige Series solar window films are designed to reject heat, reduce fading, and enhance privacy without altering the look of your home or office. They come with one of the most extended warranties in the industry and are more eco-friendly than other dark solar films because they do not emit toxic substances; plus, being constructed using metal-free material means no corrosion over time! Plus, they won’t interfere with mobile phones, GPS, or ERP signals for reliable reception!

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