Yoga Studio App – A Stunning Expert for Your Mind and Body



Are you facing difficulty joining a Yoga Studio? Why not make one with Yoga Studio App? Make your favourite room your own secret customized yoga studio. Yoga Studio App is the perfect mobile app for your self-improvement. With the help of this app, you can harness the power of yoga at your own home. It is one of the best apps for self-improvement in Google Play. The app is an impressive virtual wellness assistant for your mind and body.

How does it help?

Through this app, you get yoga videos. They are easy-to-follow with voice instructions and with HD quality. You can also create, customize and schedule the videos as per your requirements. The best part of the Yoga Studio App is that you can view the videos anywhere, anytime. You do not need to have internet or Wi-Fi to access it. Download it and watch it when you want.

 How does it work?

  • Download the app.
  • Select a plan of your choice- Yoga Studio App guarantees a free-trial for two weeks.
  • Find your perfect yoga class
  • Get started!

One of the exclusive features of the Yoga Studio App is that it is flexible with its options. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it has its classes organized that way. They have plans to divide the necessary day-to-day yoga into beginner, intermediate and advanced level yoga classes.

Features of Yoga Studio App


This interesting feature helps you set your mood right before you start your yoga classes. The app allows you to choose any background music and relaxing sounds from its collection. You can also choose to play music from other apps as well.



· Voice instructions (available for ready-made classes)

· Only names of the yoga with pose

· Soft sound to indicate your next yoga pose.

· Swipe-to-skip feature




  • Ready-made: Around 100+ best meditation and yoga videos
  • HD Quality
  • 5minutes to 1-hour duration classes
  • Focus- Balancing your mind and body, relaxing your thoughts, overall strength, and flexibility.
  • Unable to follow the routine on time! Customize and Change classes as per your comfort.
  • Quick Search options
  • Create your own –


  • Video Stitch Technology- makes it easier to create your HD video classes.
  • Smart-link Feature- helps to change to the next pose on its own.
  • Flexibility in choosing the order and duration of each pose.
  • Add poses anywhere in between your classes.


  • Smart Search option. Find the yoga you need with its English or Sanskrit name.
  • Segregate your favourite yoga pose to new classes.
  • Know the benefits, variations, and instructions of all yoga pose in the Yoga Studio App library.
  • Around 300+ yoga poses with images and detailed information. Yoga Studio App has around 20 such pre-made yoga pose blocks. It has various other plans such as as- Sun salutations, 10-minute Yoga, Deep relaxations, Hip Hop Yoga, and many more.
  • You can also create your Yoga pose block with one-tap.

The features of the Yoga Studio App are never-ending. It includes various renowned instructors on a time-to-time basis. Stay on track and keep your mind active with Yoga Studio App’s daily, weekly and monthly classes. The Yoga Studio App is a mentor for beginners and an extraordinary virtual assistant for the experts.


What is the ‘all-levels welcome’ series?

The ‘all-levels welcome’ series targets to increase the overall flexibility of the body.

How is its review?

The app has about 100k+ downloads and is rated 4.2 stars in Google Play Store.