World With The Fastest Internet Speed

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The Internet is like air. It’s vital for life. Everywhere we go, even in remote areas and desolate wastelands, people are connected to the Internet. 

This has opened new doors of opportunity that previous generations could never have dreamed of, from education to healthcare. 

Internet Speed is very important to enjoy the full benefits of the Internet. Several countries provide different speeds to people. So, here we will tell you about the World with the Fastest Internet Speed. So, make sure to read this article at the end to know which country provides the fastest internet speed.

World with the Fastest Internet Speed?

The pace of technological change has been fast and is only accelerating. However, there are some countries that have found themselves ahead of the game on the internet speed. Here we have listed some of the countries which are ahead in the game of Internet speed.  

Note: The data listed above is according to 2020 reports.

Country Download Speed Upload Speed
Liechtenstein 199.28 39.78
Hong Kong 112.32 91.40
Denmark 107.78 66.02
Switzerland 93.60 41.44
Netherlands 93.48 27.58
Sweden 91.36 86.04
Iceland 80.19 24.30
Finland 79.40 18.39
Andorra 76.67 56.20
Bermuda 74.21 19.27


#1. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a country nestled between Switzerland and Austria. The little European nation ranked as the country with the fastest internet in the world. 

This is according to Akamai’s latest report, which rates internet speeds by looking at the average peak download speed. Liechtenstein clocked in with an average peak download speed of 199.28 mbps.

The country’s government has invested heavily in broadband and telecom infrastructure to support its economic base of high-value industries and international business.

#2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong provides the second fastest internet speed, listed in World With The Fastest Internet Speed. People use it to do shopping, banking, socializing, entertainment and even education. There are a number of internet service providers that make this possible such as Spectrum internet packages and several others.

It provides almost 112.32 mbps download speed. Hong Kong’s internet connection is reliable and very fast, which is why it is home to many international companies. It has an average download speed of 112.32 Mbit/s, which is almost 20% faster than the world’s average. Hong Kong’s high speed internet makes it a great place for startups and small businesses to grow rapidly.

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#3. Denmark

Denmark is the third ranked country in the list of World With The Fastest Internet Speed, it provides 107.78 mbps download speed. This country is known for its excellent and reliable internet infrastructure and this is due to the network of submarine cables that connects Denmark with other European countries as well as the United States with a fast gaming experience like Destiny 2 crossplay.

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As a result, Denmark has become the most digitally-connected country in Europe. The country is working on new policies to make its fast broadband speeds available for all of its citizens.

#4. Switzerland

Switzerland is the country with the fourth best Internet connection in the world. The country has a download speed of 93.60mbps and an upload speed of 41.44mbps. It’s also important to note that Switzerland made it into the top ten countries according to mobile internet speeds. The report is based on several download and upload speed tests across the switzerland.

High Internet speeds enable companies to provide competitive services and offer superior customer experience.

#5. Netherlands 

The Netherlands has the fastest internet speed in the world. It is offered by KPN and has an average download speed of 93.66mbps which is about twice as fast as the US. The upload speed is 41.44 mbps which is also a lot faster than the US.

The reliable internet service makes it easy to live in the Netherlands and keep in touch with people back home. It will also help several businesses grow their business online as after the pandemic the whole world has shifted towards the work from home.

Final Words

So these are some of the countries with the highest Internet speed. These are the World With The Fastest Internet Speed, countries where the transfer of files has done under a minute.

Over time, the internet has evolved from being an information-sharing platform to one that is now used for payments, transactions, and digital marketing. The next step in the evolution of the internet will be to make it faster, especially for people who live in rural areas.

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