Why you Need Social Media Listening

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Your Customers Are Talking, Are You Listening?

When it comes to social media listening, you are wise to understand what it means and how it can benefit your business. More than ever, people are interacting through social media. You want to make sure that you are listening to what your clients are saying; this will help you to be able to better meet their needs. What exactly is social media listening and social media monitoring? Why are these so essential to your business?

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social listening is different from social media monitoring. Social media monitoring is when you recognize and are alerted to certain key events that occur in your client’s life. This includes things like reviews or complaints from a customer. When performing social media listening, you are able to establish a baseline, monitor and be alerted when your client’s social behavior is outside of the norm.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening allows you to have more information about the full social landscape of your customers. This takes into account the anomalies, and it makes these differences easier to point out. Social listening is a way to keep track of your customer’s behavior in order to take preventative measures. These measures can prevent issues from coming up, or they can allow you to act based on your customer’s behavior instead of having to react.

Why Is Social Media Listening Important?

Social media listening is important because it is a great preventative measure. When you take on this proactive approach to dealing with your clients, you prevent issues that could have a huge impact on your brand. Instead of having to focus on individual posts or issues, you are able to look at patterns and trends that can enable your brand to make changes in order to better meet your customer’s needs. This also keeps your customers happy. When you perform social monitoring, you are able to be alerted about one single issue and solve that issue in that moment. The difference with social listening is that you are able to obtain information that you can apply in order to prevent problems instead of having to solve them after they have already surfaced.

What Is Social Sentiment?

Social sentiment is the insight that allows you to know about the emotions of your customers. The passion and intensity of your customers is vital because the individuals who love or hate your brand are the customers who will be most vocal, and they are also the customers who will get the most amount of attention from other potential clients. These are the individuals who are socially powerful, and it is essential for you to know where your branch stands and for you to understand different spikes when it comes to your customers’ sentiments and passion. You want to look at your customers’ sentiment values in order to measure the impact of certain products, events, or campaigns. This allows you to make necessary changes when the overall customer sentiment is low.

Figure Out What Your Customers Want

Today’s climate is extremely competitive and sensitive. Since that is the case, it is essential that you understand your market. Information about your brand will proliferate faster than you could possibly believe, so you want to prevent possible issues before they arise. Social media listening and monitoring are vital to the health and well-being of your brand, so make sure that your company is dealing with professionals like NetbaseQuid who will keep your company’s rankings high.

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