Why use lump sum calculator

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People these days are getting more open to large investments. This is because many of the investors have gained much good experience. The next, they wish to get huge returns. For high returns, the investors have to make large-term investments and bear risks. If the investor has a high-risk tolerance, one can go for lump sum investments in mutual funds. A lump sum investment means investing a huge amount in one go. Usually, investors start with short-term investments, but once they gain experience, they get to know about mutual fund investments. This boosts them with confidence, and hence they go for lump sum investments.

While making our minds for long-term investments, we will think about the rate of return first. To know about the returns, the best option is to take the help of a lump sum calculator. A lump sum calculator is a tool available online that will help you access the rate of return on lump sum mutual fund investment. All you have to do this enter the amount you are willing to invest, the tenure of the investment and the expected annual rate of return on the investment. You will get the estimated results of your returns in no time. To calculate the returns, you have to find the lump sum investment plan calculator online and enter the details like investment amount, duration of investment, and rate of return. You will get the wealth gained within seconds. You will know your capital gains in the mentioned period. This will help you to make your mind whether to invest or not.

Following are some of the benefits of using a lump sum investment calculator:

● Results in seconds- The lumpsum calculator will give the results without keeping you on wait. When you enter the details, you will get the results instantly.

● Helps in decision making- This will help you know about the results based on which you will come to know whether you are meeting your financial goals or not. This will help avoid or eliminate any kind of confusion related to returns so that you can make the right decisions.

● Manage finance– This is a great tool as this calculator will help you get an idea of the maturity value of your long-term investments.

● Easy to use- This tool has an easy user interface, so it will be great to use it for the first time. You make sure to find it on the best trading platform, and you can use it for free.

So above are some of the benefits of using the lump sum investment calculator. You can find one on the ‘5paisa’ online trading platform for free. In case of any confusion, refer to their website and read their instructions. Also, you will find the top-performing funds for you to start the investments.

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