Why should you regularly use hand sanitizer?

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Benefits, importance, and components of an ideal hand sanitizer.

 Hand sanitizers have now become a valuable part of our daily lives. A hand sanitizer is an essential part of daily hygiene practices, the easiest way to stop the spread of germs, and the safest way to prevent illnesses. It is the safest, most accessible, and most affordable way to fight germs. In today’s time, when we have learned the importance of hygiene the hard way, let’s recall the benefits and importance of hand sanitizer.

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing your hands are two very different things. One should not confuse them as the same. However, both the activities are equally important.

 If you see dirt, dust, or grime on your hands, then you should clean your hands properly with soap and water. Hand sanitizing is mainly done to kill unseen microbes that spread infectious diseases.

 It’s not that cleaning your hands properly won’t kill the germs; however, a hand sanitizer is a convenient option to sanitize your hands in public spaces where you might not find soap and water.

 Any object or person you come in contact with might carry unseen germs. You cannot avoid contact, but you can prevent the spread of those germs with hand sanitizer.

 It is considered a hygienic habit to constantly sanitize your hands after you contact objects/things available in public spaces.

 Why should we use hand sanitizer?

 Hand sanitizer has several health benefits. Along with that, it also serves public benefits that focus on hygiene. Today, it is common to use hand sanitizer because people are aware of the rapid spread of germs. There is also a growing concern about hygiene practices among people. 

 Following are the three main reasons why we should use hand sanitizer in our regular lives:

 Prevents the spread of germs:

 Powerful hand sanitizers help to prevent the transfer/spread of microbes. Unseen microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are harmful to our health and affect our immunity. Being prone to these microbes increases our risk of catching infectious diseases.

 As these microbes cannot be seen with the naked eye, we cannot avoid contacting them. Your hand may look clean, but under a microscope, you will be able to witness heavy bacteria count. Thus, it is essential to use a hand sanitizer to keep yourself healthy and hygienic.

 Convenient to use:

 The reason why hand sanitizer is preferable over soap is that it is portable and convenient to use. With just a few drops, you can sanitize your hands anytime and anywhere. It is also a less thorough process as the gel evaporates as soon as you rub it on your palms.

 You can carry hand sanitizer to public spaces and sanitize your hands without hassle. There is no additional requirement of soap, water, tissues, etc., to serve the purpose. Carrying a hand sanitizer with you is an excellent sign of maintaining personal hygiene.

 Helps to maintain hygiene:

 Regular use of hand sanitizer is a hygienic habit that pays off. Keeping up with basic hygiene practices is essential to look presentable and civilized in day-to-day life.

 Throughout the day, we contact different people, objects, and things. Hence, it is crucial to avoid the germs that spread with contact. It would help if you used a hand sanitizer whenever you touch something in public spaces or sneeze/cough.

 How to choose an ideal hand sanitizer?

 With various choices available in the market, it gets difficult to decide which sanitizer is best. If you sideline all the advertising tricks, you can find a few crucial aspects to focus on. 

When you go to buy a hand sanitizer, make sure to look for the following things:-

 Liquid gel: Make sure that the hand sanitizer you select is a transparent liquid. It should have a gel-like consistency and shouldn’t be too runny.

 Alcohol content: Isopropyl alcohol should be the main ingredient in hand sanitizer. The sanitizer should have more than 60-70% of alcohol content. It is the most effective ingredient that works against microorganisms.

 Glycerin: Glycerin in hand sanitizer prevents the hands from drying out. It keeps the hands moisturized and makes sure that the skin remains healthy and soft.

 Fragrance: A hand sanitizer should also serve the purpose of taking care of your hands along with killing bacteria. The scent of a hand sanitizer plays a vital role in ensuring that your hands feel refreshing and impart a pleasant smell after use.

 Summing it up

If you are looking for a hand sanitizer online, you must trust a reliable brand. Refresh hand sanitizer has all the components to make it the ideal hand sanitizer. It effectively kills germs, moisturizes hands, and imparts a comforting fragrance. Refresh hand sanitizer gel also comes in travel-friendly packaging so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

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