Why Is Professional Installation Of A Wood-burning Fireplace Insert Necessary?

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The new EPA-certified wood-burning stove fireplace inserts offer numerous benefits and advantages and are a handy and popular alternative for updating the appearance of your fireplace or updating an old wood-burning fireplace to a more efficient fuel source. You should, however, never attempt to install a wood-burning fireplace insert on your own. Although inserts and stoves are designed to fit into existing fireplaces, there are often size difficulties because these appliances are typically smaller than the conventional brick fireplace.


If these heating appliances are not properly placed, they will not function properly and may pose a fire threat. The Chimney Specialists would like to explain why it is critical to have your wood-burning stove fireplace insert built by a CSIA-certified technician, such as one of our experienced installers.


The Chimney Specialists Will Inspect Your Chimney Before Installing Your New Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert


One of our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will assess your chimney for a handful of essential reasons to ensure your wood-burning stove fireplace insert will work properly. Your chimney’s current flue is most likely too big to adequately vent your insert. We will measure your insert as well as your flue. This procedure will ensure that the heating equipment and your chimney are as compatible as possible. Our examination also provides us with a baseline against which we can compare future chimney inspections to see if any modifications to your chimney have happened.


The Chimney Specialists Will Consider Temperature Differences And Smoke Residence Time When Installing Your Insert.


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The wood-burning stove fireplace insert and the venting system (your chimney) must be correctly matched for maximum performance. As previously stated, the flue of your chimney is frequently too big for the insert, which can cause difficulties with temperature differentials and smoke residence duration. When the flue is significantly bigger than the insert, tornado-like drafts occur as a result of a warm draft (the hot byproducts of combustion) colliding with a cold front (the upper chimney walls). The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) compares venting into an enormous flue to dumping a hot cup of water into a sink full of cold water.


This offers the ideal environment for the rapid formation of massive creosote deposits on your chimney walls. Creosote, a very dangerous and combustible chemical, may harden and create an extremely flammable glaze, readily igniting and causing a chimney fire. An enlarged flue also causes a long smoke residence time, which causes creosote deposits to build up faster than usual.


The Chimney Specialists, Will Ensure That Your Wood-Burning Stove Fireplace Insert Is Properly Matched With Your Chimney.


To remedy the size issue, our experts can install a stainless steel liner within the chimney that encloses the wood-burning fireplace insert. We will custom size the liner to fit your appliance exactly, allowing for the highest efficiency performance and preventing the rapid formation of huge creosote deposits in your chimney.


The Chimney Specialists, if you want to replace your existing fireplace with a new wood-burning stove fireplace insert. You can rely on us to correctly install your new heating system! Learn More why electric fireplace insert is better than wood burning fireplace insert.


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