Why Big Screen Smart TVs are in Trend these days

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Home appliances are an investment. On average, a television (TV) you purchase will be an essential component of your house for about 5 to 10 years. Therefore, purchasing a TV that you are more than content with is imperative.

According to certain statistical reports, about 20% of middle-income families worldwide look for high-resolution smart TVs, and have them listed down particularly on their specification checklist. Resolution and smart features matter for consumers, and in this article, we tell you exactly why they are in such high demand.

  1.       Image Depth

Big-screen TVs easily catch the attention of consumers with their image depth and alluring detail. The greater the screen and the higher the resolution, the more clearly you can view an image or movie. In fact, 4K resolution TVs have four times the pixels of full HD TVs. Many consumers, for this reason, describe 4K resolution TVs as possessing the ability to look outside a window rather than staring at a screen. The sharpness and image depth accompanied by the potent colour handling features it holds results in a more appealing image, and gives an individual a higher ‘3D’ screen watching experience. This being said, the higher the pixels used up to make a screen, the lower the number of movies or pictures available in the market to suit the screen’s attributes. When an image is heavily compressed, colour handling is the first specification in a TV that takes a toll. However, this detail still does not stop consumers from purchasing big-screen TVs as the next-level realism of the images trump its potential low colour handling facility.

  1.       Control over Household

Smart TVs have become increasingly popular amongst consumers worldwide with their provision of ease and better control over your household. With the increased number of individuals who currently work from home or freelance, using the internet from your TV screen improves the feel of your work experience. Smart TVs today come with pre-installed applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that let you stream and watch your favourite shows easily, without having to spend on an HDMI cable. They also come with applications such as Spotify that augment your dancing or singing ventures. With integrated interactive tools such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa in TVs nowadays, you will not even have to lift a finger while changing the settings on your TV. Controlling a large range of devices while relaxing on your couch increases your control over your household, and improves your enjoyment experience.

  1.       Gaming

TVs that improve the overall gaming experience have stimulated quite the aura of excitement around them. Nowadays, larger TVs with exceptional quality are supported by detailed gaming attributes. In fact, many LED TV now come with auto game mode features that automatically detect gaming devices and optimize settings to improve your overall gaming experience. The smooth transitioning of pictures and detail-oriented videos make LED TVs almost irresistible. With many youngsters gravitating towards gaming after a long exhausting day of work, gaming has become very cathartic, and thereby improve your environment, while gaming has become necessary for certain individuals. This is another reason because of which smart TVs with bigger screens are becoming increasingly trendy.

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  1.       Long-term Vision

The incorporated futuristic elements in TVs portray a bright future for the TV industry. Larger screens that have smart features are no longer investments in luxury and relaxation but are investments for your future. With the advancement of technology in TVs, not only are TV features improving, but movie qualities are also getting better to suit 4K resolution screens. TV screens are also getting bigger so that individuals can explore the option of turning their household into a cinema-like area. 55 inch TV screens are now, in fact, one of the greatest consumer purchasing trends.

  1.       Affordability

The affordability of big screen smart TVs is another reason why these TVs are trending at the moment. Consumers often mistake futuristic features in smart TVs to be compulsorily expensive, and therefore hesitate to purchase them. However, depending on the store you visit, you can attain these futuristic smart features on a 55-inch screen TV at a relatively cheap price. It is important to note that discounts are usually provided for TVs and other household appliances around festive seasons. Furthermore, towards the end of a financial year, prices are usually lowered to sell as much inventory as possible. With varying models and manufacturers, it will be easy to find a TV set without having to splurge a lot of money.

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