Which is the Best Online Paid Survey Site in India?


Surveys can be an excellent way to make extra cash online, but you must select a simple survey site that pays well. Expert guide on which is the best online paid survey site in india?

Various online paid survey sites in India offer opportunities to earn cash by sharing your opinions – but which is the best?


Lifepoints is an online market research site offering users the chance to earn rewards in exchange for answering surveys – from gift cards and cash bonuses to merchandise.

This site, established in 2019, marks a partnership between MySurvey and Global Test Market that allows users to conduct surveys, test products, and monitor consumer behaviors within their home environment.

The user interface of SurveyMonkey is intuitive, offering a clean dashboard that is easier to use than many other survey sites. In addition, a mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices, making completing surveys simple.

This site surveys movies, health and wellness issues, products, and more. Rewards vary based on the survey length, from free movie tickets to Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.


Tellypulse is an online survey marketing research site that rewards you for taking surveys, giving you points or rupees for each completed one.

Indian market research company that examines consumer behavior and opinions. Redeem your points for Paytm cash or Flipkart/BookMyShow gift cards.

Pulse surveys provide an effective way of quickly and reliably measuring team engagement and morale, providing leaders with insight into employees’ happiness, stress levels and well-being, professional growth needs, and overall satisfaction. By keeping an eye on employee attitudes, performance levels, and professional development needs, leaders can better understand their teams and produce meaningful results more quickly.


MySurveys is one of the oldest online survey panels and has built up a stellar reputation for user-friendliness and fast survey delivery. In addition, MySurveys provides access to numerous opportunities ranging from product testing and sweepstakes.

MySurvey also features a referral program where users can earn points by sharing their code with friends who sign up and use it – this could increase income and potentially make more money for themselves.

MySurvey surveys offer various payment levels depending on their length and topic; small surveys typically yield 30-50 points, while larger ones can fetch as much as $1.25 in price.

Some MySurvey surveys allow members to enter sweepstakes that may feature gifts like gift cards and cash; these sweepstakes may not always be available across countries.

Overall, MySurvey is an ideal platform for individuals looking to earn some extra income on the side. Plus, its profiling platform opens doors for even more lucrative product testing opportunities and contests!

Chegg India

Chegg, Inc. is one of the largest education technology companies worldwide and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, providing textbook solutions, rental books, and other services for students worldwide.

Alongside textbook solutions and rental services, Q&A;  services help students answer any of their queries. A team of expert tutors is on call 24/7 to address any concerns about studies.

Teachers on this online teaching platform can make as much as Rs1 Lac in a month by answering student inquiries from around the globe. Experts receive compensation per question answered; rates depend on the subject area.

Experienced knowledge holders may find this a perfect work-from-home opportunity. At any time they wish, they can log in and answer as many queries as they desire within any period that best fits their schedule.

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