Where To Get Scalp Tattoo From Experts in Scotland?

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Scalp tattoo or hairline tattoo is a common name for the superficial treatment of Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP). 


SMP is a procedure to falsely make your hair appear thicker and denser at the roots. There are several institutes offering the services of scalp tattoo in Scotland. Make sure to get a professional practitioner to perform this procedure. 


SMP works similarly to getting a tattoo and uses the same device electric tattoo device. In this procedure, the practitioner inserts the pigmentation in-between hair follicles to fake the appearance of thick hair. This process needs a lot of time and patience from both client and the practitioner. 

Who Should Get Scalp Micro-pigmentation? 

Scalp micro-pigmentation is usually preferred by those individuals who are not satisfied with their hair growth or are facing any kind of health issues that effects their hairline. Mostly this treatment is performed on people having these problems: 

  • Hair Loss 
  • Hair Thinning 
  • Alopecia (a syndrome in which hair loss occurs) 
  • Male or Female Type Baldness 
  • Cancer (hair loss as a result of heavy dosage of chemotherapy) 

Getting a scalp micro-pigmentation can also help with boosting your personality. If you were feeling conscious about your looks due to the receding hairline, getting this treatment may definitely help get your self-esteem high. 

How Much Does SMP Cost? 

The cost of getting Scalp micro-pigmentation depends on the area that needs treatment. Mostly depending on the type of treatment required, here is a list of the estimated costs of getting SMP: 

  • Hairline—————$2,500 to $3,000 
  • Mild Balding———$3,000 to $4,300 
  • Severe Balding——$4,500 to $5,000 
  • Scar Coverup——–$1,900 to $2,500 

These are the basic estimated amount that scalp micro-pigmentation may cost you. Although it is not a fixed amount and may vary from person to person according to their requirements and preference. 

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Does Getting Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Hurt? 

It is a very common question and concern about the scalp micro-pigmentation that does getting SMP hurts? Before starting the procedure, the practitioner uses a topical numbing lotion on the scalp to deal with any pain.  

Although numbing lotion can help there still may be some irritation. The level of irritation and pain in this procedure usually depends on the tolerance power of the person getting the treatment. 

Visit Skulltec for the hair tattoo training Scotland at a reasonable prices.

Does Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Help Grow Hair? 

The Scalp micro-pigmentation is a very different procedure from a hair transplant. SMP does not help grow hair instead it only provides a fake image of a thicker and denser hairline. 

Where To Get Scalp Tattoo From? 

Here are some of the trusted names in Scalp micro-pigmentation, which provides scalp tattoo training in Scotland as well as deals with clients: 

  • Skulltec 
  • Hair Line Inc 
  • Scalp Studio 
  • City Chic 

Before choosing your treatment centre, make sure they offer the best services in the area that you need to be treated.  


Getting a scalp micro-pigmentation may help you get a change in your overall appearance and also boost your confidence level. Scalp tattoo or hairline tattoo helps a lot of people facing hair loss due to some ailment or just because of increasing age.

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