Where to Find Cheap Cigarettes


As cigarette prices in many countries remain high, smokers must know where to obtain economical cigarettes. Luckily, there are multiple sources to consider! The best guide on Cheap Cigarettes.

Cigarette prices depend on brand, neighborhood, store type, and demographic factors relating to each area. This can especially apply to minorities such as ethnic or racial minorities as well as low-income populations or youth populations.


Missouri is an affordable state to purchase cigarettes due to its lower cigarette excise tax and state sales tax rates.

Indiana is often known as the “Gateway to the West.” This is because wagon trains to pass through on their journey west would stop there before continuing towards California, Oregon, or other western US states.


Georgia is an idyllic state that features city life and rural living, drawing its beauty from a diverse ecosystem encompassing mountains and coastal beaches.

Georgia is known for its distinctive culture, which can be found in food and hospitality. Visiting this ancient land will transport you back in time while offering modern amenities.

The state is also famous for its sweet tea, a signature Southern beverage created by mixing black tea with sugar and water or milk brewing methods. There’s even an annual National Sweet Tea Day dedicated to this delicacy!

North Carolina

According to a study, North Carolina ranks high on WalletHub’s list for providing cheaper cigarettes. As a result, smokers there could lose out on an estimated annual loss of $24,088 and lifetime savings exceeding $1.2 million, per an analysis conducted by this personal finance website.

Data collectors recorded the price of the least-expensive single pack across 2069 stores in 2015 using multilevel linear modeling, specifically median household income and percentages of youth, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic residents living within each tract.

South Carolina

South Carolina provides affordable cigarettes thanks to low taxes on tobacco products.

A pack of cigarettes in California typically costs an average of $4.38 due to low cigarette excise tax and sales tax rates that fall below one dollar per pack.

Cheap cigarettes may also be more accessible and affordable in neighborhoods with high populations of youth and lower-income residents, according to research findings. Therefore, policies must take steps to regulate this widespread availability.


Mississippi, located in the southeastern corner of the United States, boasts many attractions. For example, its Delta region is considered the birthplace of American blues music, while Vicksburg National Military Park preserves an important Civil War battle site.

Iowa is well known for its fertile soil, making it an agricultural powerhouse and producing several NFL players.

Though Virginia ranks second for affordable cigarettes, its adults and youth still use tobacco at high rates, making it essential to work towards creating a tobacco-free state.


Wyoming is known for its wide open spaces, rugged terrain, and stunning natural beauty – perfect for romantic getaways and family trips.

Missouri is widely known for its ranching and cowboy culture, while Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton are two stunning national parks that remain among the top tourist spots.

Wyoming stands out for more than its beautiful scenery; it also offers some of the cheapest cigarettes in America due to a low cigarette tax rate and other factors.


Idaho may be your best bet if you want cheap cigarettes; often referred to as the “Gem State,” Idaho boasts beautiful natural attractions.

Michigan boasts many wilderness areas, including portions of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park and one of the country’s most extensive public landholdings.

Missouri boasts a low population density, making it an attractive location for those who appreciate peaceful living. Furthermore, Missouri boasts a significant Mormon/LDS presence and political conservatism.

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