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When you call to mind the name of a friend, you probably start to feel a certain way. Perhaps you remember the last thing you talked about with that person or an emotion-evoking memory. Your brain has created associations between this name and particular thoughts or feelings.

The same phenomenon happens when you hear or see a brand’s name. Whatever good or bad connections that brand has formed inside your brain come to the forefront. 

So many different elements must go into the making of a brand: use of color, website design, a social media presence, packaging design, company values, and successful communication of those values. There is a point where all of these facets gather under a single roof, and that roof has to be called something. It needs to have a name.

In grade school, a teacher probably told you to never judge a book by its cover. The problem with that is, we are now bombarded with so much content every day that heeding this advice is near to an impossible feat. Our minds need a method to filter out information that isn’t relevant to us. 

Capturing and keeping hold of people’s attention span isn’t easy. Would you prefer to have an intriguing, authentic name that helps to tell the story of your brand, or will it blend in with the rest and be just another piece of information people can discard from their brains?

Just like with actual story titles, brand naming entails striking a careful balance between describing what you represent without sharing too much. You would (hopefully) not spill all the details of your life story on a first date, right? Just the same, your brand name’s job is to pique people’s interests without overwhelming them with all the specifics. It needs to pique the interest of onlookers and give them a reason to care. 

You may land on what seems to be the ideal name, but there are some technical considerations that follow: is your brand name available within your product category? Would you be able to successfully trademark the name? Is a URL  available for your website? After investing time, effort, and money into creating your brand, you’ll need to protect your ownership of its assets. 

Formulating a name for your business startup may seem like an intimidating step, but the significance of your brand name cannot be stressed enough. In no time at all, the name of your brand could become a conversation starter for your satisfied customers.

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