What is the Best Action to take if you are Getting Emails Post Unsubscribing?

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Today, we are all living in a society where email has taken a great place. Gone are those days when people used to send letters as the high advancement in technology has resulted in the fast outcome. There are several channels that users nowadays use to subscribe to their names. Even after unsubscribing, they continuously receive emails. Are you also among them? Wondering about I unsubscribe and still get emails? If yes, then below is the best action to take.

I Unsubscribe and Still Get Emails Causes

Generally, after unsubscribing from any channel; you will hardly receive any type of email from that particular source. Several causes result in unsubscription that including the following:

  • Irrelevant kinds of stuff
  • Irritating emails
  • Unnecessary crowding of the inbox and many more.

Once done with unsubscribing, it means that your removal from the respective email list is immediate. Unfortunately, there is a handful of reasons that you continue to receive emails post unsubscription. Some of the vital ones include:

  1. Subscription to multiple topics – There are times when you subscribe to multiple numbers of topics within an organization. Thus, if you unsubscribe from a single topic; then your name remains in other topics. As a result, you continuously receive emails.
  2. Enabling email forwarding – Do you have any old email addresses that you hardly use? Have you done with the setting up of the email forwarding option in that old email address? If yes, then also you will constantly receive emails from that particular page.
  3. Enabling the digested option post unsubscribing – Enabling the digesting option at the time of unsubscribing is another reason for receiving constant emails post unsubscribing. Digesting provides the option to choose the way you are on your way to receive emails frequently.

These are some vital reasons that result in constant receiving of emails post unsubscription from a particular page. Looking for a viable solution to this problem? Here are some…

i unsubscribe and still get emails

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Solutions to I Unsubscribe and Still Get Emails

For your kind information, there are mainly two different types of emails that may get delivered without any link for subscription. They are:

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  • The one from a known company
  • The other one is from spammers

For safety purposes, it is advisable to go through their privacy policy before submitting your email address. There are times when an email may comprise a broken link. Also, something may go wrong at the time of unsubscription. To get rid of the list of the email, the following steps will help:

  • Requesting the sender to remove your email address from their list
  • Redirecting unwanted newsletters to another email folder
  • Blocking the sender
  • Filtering the emails that you are receiving from the company by choosing “Filters and Blocked Addresses” from “Settings” in your respective email address
  • Creating a separate email account exclusively for commercial emails

These are some exclusive ways through which you will be able to prevent getting emails post unsubscribing. Your inbox will only be filled with necessary mails, which will result in a high rate of convenience.

What Makes Spamcop a Great Choice?

Spamcop is another great choice that prevents the entering of emails post unsubscribing. Founded in 1998, it has gained immense popularity. It detects the IP address of the respective source that is responsible for suspicious activity. The moment an appropriate answer is not found, that specific IP address gets blacklisted finally protecting the users from spamming.

i unsubscribe and still get emails

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This service can be used exclusively for reporting unsolicited bulk emails.

Final Thought!

Getting rid of the problem of receiving emails post unsubscribing may now hope to be easy. Taking every step carefully will help in this regard.

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