What Does It Mean To Be A Motivated Leader?

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Leadership and motivation go hand in hand. Being a leader, you should have an open mind on human nature, knowing that certain needs are very important for the process of decision-making. Motivation is an important factor used to understand the basic needs of your employees, peers, and other people. Leaders like Richard W. Warke motivate dynamic people since they match their leadership style with understanding people’s needs. They are not just about the role the employee plays in the organization but also about the employee as a “human”.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the process that initiates and maintains human actions. It develops changes in feelings, behavior, needs, relationships, and so on, and that is made possible by cognitive, social, biological, and emotional involvement.

 There are ways, guidelines, or steps to follow to become a motivating leader.

  • Be a role model: A leader is always someone who is looked upon. Your exemplary behavior should act as a motivation and influence to people wanting to achieve their goals.
  • Encourage working as a team: To work as a team is important in every organization. Ensure that your employees or subordinates enjoy performing duties as a team and making themselves a part of the organization’s objectives.
  • Understanding: Being a leader means understanding your subordinates, empathizing with them, showing care towards them, knowing their needs, and understanding them. This will make them motivated and grow emotionally and mentally.
  • Allow Involvement: Ensure that subordinates are involved with organization plans and some important issues. This not only makes them motivated but allows everyone to have a better understanding of their roles in the organization.
  • Finding purpose: Leaders like Richard William Warke encourage and help employees in finding purpose which employees can contribute to improving the business.
  • Promoting an optimistic environment: Employers like Jeff Bezos create an environment where employees are given hope of good things. Bring in positivity to the employee. Allow them to know they can achieve a goal that they set their mind to. This would have a positive impact on the business.
  • Reward and appreciation: Rewards should be given to show appreciation for a job well done. It is a great motivation technique that influences employees’ behavior tremendously.

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Importance of Motivation

The significance of motivation in an organization cannot be underrated. The following are some reasons why motivation is needed in an organization;

  • Motivation helps to increase productivity: A motivated employee is a happy employee. When employees are motivated, they tend to be more productive at work. Increased productivity equals increased output.
  • Leads to the permanent workforce: When an organization keeps on losing its workforce, it gives that organization a bad reputation. Motivation makes employees steady in an organization since employees tend to get the needed job satisfaction and it also gives the organization a healthy image.
  • Building a good working environment: Motivation above all encourages a safe, friendly, and good working environment. It is an important factor for individuals and businesses. It allows good inter-relationships between employees and employers. This can also lead to improved performance in the employees leading to the organization achieving set goals.

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