Ways to Make Copper Mining More Sustainable

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Copper is one of the most used metals on the earth. In this modern world, we can’t imagine our life without copper. Copper is present in the form of ore in the earth’s crust around the globe.  Different mining techniques are used to extract copper from ore,  as we all know that mining requires a lot of energy, heavy equipment, and other resources, so to some extent, it harms the environment. On the other hand, copper mining is inevitable due to the demanding needs of the modern world.  Following are some ways to make this copper mining more sustainable and least harmful for the environment.

Use of Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Mining companies should use eco-friendly equipment. Nowadays, several battery operated types of equipment are viable and better options for diesel driven equipment and engines. Moreover, many manufacturers are offering eco-friendly mining equipment. Exclusively using electric mining equipment could easily result in massive carbon savings for mining companies. Improved durability can also reduce the environmental costs of damaged equipment — like rubber or plastic as a piece of equipment breaks down.

Use Eco-Friendly Mining Techniques.

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Time has changed, and it’s high time to change mining techniques also. Usually, conventional mining techniques have a severe impact on the environment, and some popular methods of copper mining like the open-pit method and underground mining increase the risks. Now is the time to move towards low impact mining techniques, like leaching or bioleaching. Mining companies can reduce the impact to the environment by using these less harmful techniques. There are also many other techniques and procedures which result in a reduced surface disturbance at mining sites.  These techniques lower soil erosion and produce less water material. These environmentally friendly techniques not only save the environment, but you have to do less work on-site for rehabilitation.

Reusing Of Mining Waste

Mining waste is another side effect of mining. Unfortunately, mining produces a significant amount of tailings, stones, and wastewater. In many cases, this waste is left behind after the completion of the task. Later this mining waste will cause severe environmental damage. Therefore, it is high time to issue strict guidelines and standard operating procedures regarding mining wastes. Many companies are setting good examples in reusing mining waste, such as Solaris Resources inc. Mining water can be treated for reuse in agriculture. Similar tailing should be stored in eco-friendly ways. Waste can be used for construction purposes, so there are many ways to use the mining waste. Look at the efforts of Marina Silva.

Final Thought

The use of eco-friendly techniques, equipment, and recycling of waste materials can help sustain the mining sector. It’s important to work together,the  mining companies, government , policy makers, and the public to save the mining sites from further destruction. Look how Solaris Resources is inspiring thousands of people through their professional work. There is also a need to promote the use of eco-friendly technologies so others also can get inspiration. 


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