Ways To Cultivate Compassion

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Compassion is one of the greatest virtues. This beautiful trait will help reduce all the negative feelings. Compassion makes you special and loved by all. True compassion always comes from the heart. You can find a lot of quotations from great people and all the religions of the world teach compassion as well. After having a pure and clear heart, people would love to have a chat with you, and they will be more attracted to you because of this trait. We found John De Ruiter practicing compassion with his team members.

Ways to Develop Compassion 

Everyone wants to be loved by all. If you have such desires, you need to be compassionate with others. There are many ways to develop compassion for others, here are the five ways you must know. 

  • Practice Forgiveness 

Forgiveness makes you a good person. It brings about peace of mind as well. No one is perfect. You don’t have to punish yourself for small deeds. Always practice forgiveness and you will see astonishing results in no time. 

  • Collect Your Own Data 

No one can deny the importance of data collection about yourself. Be your own laboratory. Gather all the questions about yourself. Did you feel compassionate? How was your behavior with others? This research will reveal everything about you. Luckily, you will not have to invest anything. It’s completely free. If you continue to collect and research your data, you will try to improve yourself with time. 

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  • Listen Generously 

According to Rachel Naomi Reman, M.D, listening generously is a tool for healing and gateway to compassion. Nowadays, people forget to listen to others. We love to interrupt and judge others instead of listening to them. 

  • Respect Privacy 

Always respect the privacy of others. This is another way to cultivate affection and compassion. If someone tells you something, you have to keep everything private and don’t share it with anyone else. If you respect someone’s words, he will love to be with you and appreciate this effort.  

  • Consider Your Words 

Always think before you speak. Your tongue can make others your friends and it can make friends your enemy. This is why you have to have full control over your tongue. Otherwise, you will have to regret this for life and will not be able to escape from it. These little deeds of kindness can make you happy throughout. For example, if you speak politely or send a thank you note to someone who has helped you in a bad time, you did the right thing. Leaders like John De Ruiter always think about what they are going to say or  tell to others. Your words can destroy other people’s self-confidence, be mindful.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny the importance of compassion when it comes to living a happy and peaceful life. This amazing trait has helped many people in the world. No one is perfect. Every person has some flaws. Always forgive yourself and keep the regard for others’ privacy. Be compassionate and learn to understand other people genuinely.

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