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Now you can feel mesmerized by the views of Dubai city while visiting Palm Jumeirah. It is one of the most renowned destinations in Dubai. The 52nd floor of the Palm tower is where all the action is. You can enjoy picturesque views of the Dubai Skyline and the Arabian Gulf now. Moreover, you can enjoy the view of the palm at your own pace.

The 52nd floor of the Palm Tower stands at 240 m and offers breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah and the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea. For the uninitiated, the Palm Jumeirah is the most significant island made by man. You will also learn about the history and gain knowledge about the island in its entirety. The observation deck is where all the action is.

You can ride to the top in the digital elevator, which will surely provide you with the most satisfactory experience. You can easily reach Palm Jumeirah by tram or the monorail. You can avail yourself of various packages according to your budget and tastes. The Dubai Skyline is the artwork against which the structure glistens like Dubai’s gold in the evening. With the opening of ‘The Next level’ in 2022, the 360-degree views have reached an all-new level. It offers a private barrier-free viewing experience to the viewers.

Enjoy The View at The Palm – Palm Jumeirah

You can enjoy the best diverse views of the Palm Jumeirah. The View at The Palm will take entertainment to an all-new level. It is a palm-tree-shaped island that houses the most prominent hotels, posh apartments, and fine dining restaurants. You will also come across several food trucks in the region. There are beach clubs and infinity pools aplenty there as well. You will be amazed to know that the atmosphere and environment were so pure during the pandemic that people could enjoy the dolphins there. Jellyfish were also seen in the surrounding waters of the Arabian Sea. It is a wondrous sight.

Watch Out for Burj Al Arab

You can gaze at the sunset with the company of Burj Al Arab. It is the most luxurious hotel in Dubai. It has all the luxuries that you could ever imagine. You can call it a global icon. Moreover, the hotel is an architectural marvel. It also has the most fantastic beach facility. It is easy to take the dynamic shots of the iconic skyline and Burj Al Arab together. It is located just 280 m away from the Dubai shores. Additionally, it has broken several records in the luxury hotel category.

Take Pictures of the Dubai Marina

You can also take pictures of the beautiful Dubai Marina. It is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Dubai City. You will come across several entertainment options like malls, hotels, and luxury skyscrapers. It is a freehold area that anybody can visit. The marina runs for a distance of 3-km. You can catch up on the spectacular views of the places at night, with all the lights on. Many people also take their supercars out for a spin at the Dubai Marina. So, you can enjoy the place at will. The View at The Palm helps you to enjoy the surroundings.

The Observatory at Palm Tower

The stunning observatory stands at 240 m and is located on the 52nd floor. Furthermore, you will start your tour at the roof plaza. It is located at Nakheel Mall. The elevator takes off from there. It is a complete glass cubicle, which offers a lift to the top in three -minutes. You can avail yourself of the most surreal views there. The experience is that of a lifetime, with different silhouettes in the daytime and nighttime.

Interactive Museum and Shopping

Your visit will remain incomplete if you do not visit the museum that explains the construction and background of the Palm. The observation deck also includes a VIP area and hosts several private events. You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home from the gift shops. There is a café as well, on top of the tower. It is called The View Café, where you can experience the fun.

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