Unsuccessful transfers of Juventus: Amauri

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In the history of Juventus there have been many dubious or even outright failed signings. Sometimes this led to the fact that the team slipped to the middle of Serie A. The latest footy scores of this club can be found on the sports statistics website.

After returning from Serie B, Juventus took several years to once again fully become the grandee of Italian football. It was during this period that the main transfer blunders of the Old Signora happened. Amauri was one of them.

The forward had a good season 2007/08 in Palermo, where he managed to score 15 times. After that, he was promoted to Juventus. The Old Signora didn’t hesitate to pay almost 23 million euros for the 28-year-old striker.


Initially, this amount seemed overstated for several reasons:

  1. The player was no longer young. Yes, 28 years is far from a football pension, but not young enough either. Therefore, it was unlikely that he could be counted on in the long term.
  2. The player spent only 1 great season in Serie A. It was quite risky to count on him.
  3. The forward didn’t quite fit into the club’s game model.

However, the season 2008/09 was quite good for the Brazilian. He managed to hit the opponents’ goal 12 times. Yes, this number is not the most outstanding but not the worst either. But then it was a significant regression in his game. In the season 2009/10, he scored only 5 goals, and in the first half of the next campaign he never hit the opponents’ goal at all. After that, Juventus made the final decision to part with the striker.

How did Amauri’s further career go?

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Amauri made a good loan trip to Parma, where he scored 7 goals in 11 games in six months. By the way, you can find the scores of all footy matches of this club on the trusted resource. Even despite good time in Parma, the Brazilian no longer got a chance to prove himself in Juventus.

In general, his transfer to the Turin club can be considered unsuccessful, primarily due to the overestimated transfer price. Still, 23 million for such a player was a lot. The amount 2-3 times smaller would be more justified.

Further in the striker’s career were:

  • Fiorentina;
  • Parma;
  • Torino;
  • Fort Lauderdale Strikers;
  • New York Cosmos.

He stayed for several years only in Parma, and he did not leave a noticeable mark in other teams. The striker finally ended his career in 2017, when he was already 37 years old.

Overall, he played a lot of great matches, but sometimes he lacked stability. And while he looked decent in the middling club of Serie A, in a team of the level of Juventus he clearly lacked skill. That is why the transfer of the Brazilian to the Turin club is regarded as unsuccessful.

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