Understanding Free Website Monitoring Services


You are aware of how crucial website uptime is. You’ve even concluded that if you want to reduce the downtime your website experiences, a website monitoring service is necessary. What you don’t understand is why you should pay for such a service when numerous businesses on the internet provide free website monitoring. Is Talk Talk Down to learn, click here.

Considering some things before joining the “free” service bandwagon would be best.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, according to grandma.

You probably heard it somewhere else if it wasn’t something your grandmother told you. There are no free meals in life. You need to ask yourself why a company would give something away for free if it had value and could be sold for a profit. Quality website monitoring services take time, effort, and money, so how are the free ones funded? They aren’t listed as nonprofit organizations. Free isn’t free, as you soon discover how these businesses are supported.

A service will frequently offer you a basic package as part of its “free” website monitoring program to entice you to sign up for their service. However, when you realize how vital the service is and how much the “free” service lacks, the plan is to upgrade to a paid service, usually at a higher cost than if you had initially looked for a paid service.

Services Are Not Created Equal

Let’s say you discover a website monitoring service that is free and doesn’t upsell. True to its word. a free, no-strings-attached service. You should reconsider asking yourself why the service is free. What is lacking in it? Also, what does it add? Will you or your website constantly be inundated with advertisements to help pay for the service? Or perhaps the service lacks some of the features it advertises, like communication channels. For instance, if your email is down along with your website, a website monitoring service that only sends you email alerts about website downtime won’t be helpful. Instead, you need a website monitoring service that will notify the appropriate people by phone, text message, and other means in addition to email.

When considering any website monitoring service, knowing how frequently your site will be checked for downtime is essential. To maintain your site’s uptime, you should ideally check it every 60 seconds or less. Your website may be down for up to 59 minutes before you are even made aware of a downtime issue if it is only checked for downtime once an hour.

You should also check to see if your website monitoring service has more than one server watching over your website. To guarantee that your site’s monitoring won’t be disrupted during a power outage at one server location, other server locations should be dispersed.

The likelihood that a free service will offer your website the thorough monitoring and level of technology needed to protect it from downtime is slim to none when looking at free website monitoring solutions. Choosing a website monitoring service based solely on price is never a good idea because these services are among the few that pay for themselves over time. Search for a service that will adequately meet ‘your site’s needs and monitor it rather than something free.

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