Trupanion Reviews – How to Secure the Best Deal


Introduction to Trupanion Reviews

Trupanion Reviews – The Trupanion insurance company was established in 1999 whereas it extended to the U.S in 2005. It was established as Verinsurance by CEO Darryl Rawling in Canada. The company is specialized to provide both cat and dog insurance. The Trupanion insurance rates do not increase for filing claims. For the lifelong policy offered the Trupanionthe rates do not increase for the pet age factor. The company offers the enrollment of your pet from its birth.

Trupanion Reviews – 90% of your vet’s bill is paid by Trupanion without any payout limits. Once you have gone through the deductibles either you have a cat or dog. The insurance company locks a constant deductible for each circumstance, because of this each year the policyholder does not have to meet another new set deductible in case of a long-term condition.

The Trupanion facilitates you by covering all the sudden and unexpected illnesses and injuries by helping you with 90% of the bill given by your vet. Trupanion was the first pet insurance company to become licensed in North America and offer its own underwriting. Trupanion Reviews

Trupanion Reviews – The company offers its services at any pet hospital in Canada, United States, and Puerto Rico so that your pet stays safe wherever you are present. Trupanion is also designed to pay the vet directly so that the work gets easy and simple for policyholders. Such wide coverage justifies the pricing for Trupanion insurance to those who always complain about the high premiums.

Due to Trupanion lifetime insurance, deductible per condition, the policyholders are able to save money in case of chronic conditions also, which might be lengthy.  Trupanion Reviews

What are the costs of Trupanion?

Trupanion Reviews – Trupanion offers 90% reimbursement in its policy. Along with that, no annual limits are offered to the customers. Then even the low premiums are offered as compared to the other insurance companies which have high annual limits and low reimbursement rates. The price of insurance for cats is from $23 to $57 for one month.  Whereas the pricing is high for dogs and lies from $36 to$100 for one month. Trupanion Reviews

What plans are available in Trupanion insurance?

Single base plan

For both cats and dogs, a single base plan policy is offered by Trupanion. Only annual deductibles are able to be customized.

Physical therapy and homeopathy and additional coverage

Trupanion Reviews – Two policy enhancements are offered by Trupanion insurance company. The care riders are available for physical therapy and homeopathy. Also for behavioral moderation. The services are also offered for burial if an accident causes your pet’s death. If your pet is lost, services are also provided to meet the cost of reward advertising.

Policy for illness and accidentsTrupanion Reviews

Trupanion provides very good facilities to the policyholder with its distinctive feature in matters of illness and accidents. The company offers lifetime unlimited coverage precondition instead of a yearly limit for coverage as given by other insurance companies. Trupanion insurance facilitates and helps you with this feature. A fixed reimbursement of 90% is set for all the policy programs.

Trupanion Reviews – For instance, the first time when your cat or dog is diagnosed with a disease so you would pay your deductible alone 10% of the fee left. But the next time the same disease is diagnosed in your pet or dog, you are allowed to pay 10% of the total bill given by your vet.


  • Fixed reimbursement of 90% is offered.
  • Availability is 24/7 for the policyholders.
  • The payot limit is not there.
  • Annual coverage limits are eliminated.
  • A guarantee is provided for the cost.
  • Payments are done directly to the vet.
  • The deductible available is 0$.


  • Discounts not available.
  • Not many customization options are available
  • The premium is very high
  • Unavailability of preventive care.
  • Payment terms are not flexible.

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