First of all, you need to know that, unlike what you might think, the journey for children is not a stressful moment and on the contrary it is an extremely stimulating activity that will enrich the micro world of the little ones.


It is possible to travel from very early childhood, the journey if planned calmly can only be a moment dedicated to discovery, growth and nourishment of the mind for parents and children.

Maybe you can start in small steps, the journey to the grandparents out of town, the weekend out of town, up to an airplane trip to go far. 

In small steps is the advice that we feel like giving since already from small trips we can realize the needs of our son or daughter, from what to bring with you in your suitcase up to knowing what makes him feel more at ease or Less. There are children who love the car, others the train, knowing it also puts parents in a condition of awareness and consequently of tranquility.

We should start immediately, if the physical conditions of children and parents allow it, because getting out of the comfort zone of the house will immediately give them the beauty of discovering the world and will not create sacrifices for the adults themselves. Furthermore, a very small child is like a sponge, if he learns to travel right away, he will be an adult in the future ready to move around the world in a conscious and responsible way.


We always keep in mind that the child has different needs from us, it seems obvious, but keeping this assumption in mind will help us choose destinations where we can all enjoy the journey in the most enriching way possible.

It is equally important to pay attention to the climatic conditions of the country you want to visit. Going to a place that, at a certain time of the year, suffers from adverse weather conditions, can be very tiring, if we have a child with us.


Let’s take more time than we will take for ourselves on a solo trip. If we plan to travel, we try to make them calmly, we avoid trips to the airport and always keep those 15 minutes of safety in case we have any needs.

All this lowers stress and makes departure and return less tiring, difficult moments in and of themselves.

Sometimes this world we live in isn’t quite child-friendly, but be optimistic and always ask. There are often seats reserved for those with a small child – such as on a plane and train – and they are a right. Ask for information on the spot to know how to get around and where to find activities suitable for everyone; sometimes some information gets lost in tourist guides. On the plane, for example, some baby foods can exceed 100ml, like this there are other situations where we find ourselves facilitated, just ask!


In this particular period, as well as when we return to normal, the health and hygiene aspect is fundamental. 

Without a doubt, it is advisable to have health insurance for everyone, so that you can be sure of being able to cover all possible medical expenses.

At this time, we can prefer to travel to the country or, if we want to move further, it is good to inquire about the epidemiological situation and the individual protection rules of the destination country. 

The rules at the airport

Today the entire airport can be accessed only if you have a ticket. Upon access, body temperature will be measured, as well as for other long-distance vehicles. In the presence of children, it is possible to check the fast track dedicated to families, thus avoiding queues and waiting, ask for information or look for the ad hoc signs

The play areas dedicated to children are, unfortunately, inaccessible, so let’s remember to bring a pastime with you, for yourself and for the little ones.

In the aircraft it is mandatory to wear a mask and, in order to limit the possibility of contagion, the space between one traveler and another is wider and the passage of the hostesses for the distribution of drinks and snacks is eliminated (it will be possible to request it personally, thus receiving sealed single portions).

Tips for traveling by car

Today, more than ever, it would be optimal to avoid stops at motorway restaurants if not strictly necessary. To reduce them to a minimum we can, for example, bring food and water supplies and prefer stops in the pitches.

Another important thing to remember when traveling by car is safety, especially with children involved. Make sure your car has good safety features, we suggest using an SUV or a truck as they are more secure, comfortable and have more storage space.

Another thing to remember when driving with kids is child car seats in trucks or SUV are absolutely essential and mandated by law. So, you make sure that you have that part covered.

To conclude, we suggest telling the trip and if possible, plan it together: all this will make your child more prepared and therefore calm and like him or her we parents, leaving room for curiosity and excitement.