Top 5 Sports Stadiums Around the World That You MUST Visit

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Sports tourism is a rapidly growing niche of global travel. A trip today can be designed around a variety of spectacular venues and events, and with fans around the world returning to stadiums following the easing of restrictions imposed during the recent pandemic, atmosphere in stadiums is sure to return.

It is human nature to have a bucket list, an inventory of things or places to experience or visit on your life’s journey. When it comes to making lists of places to go, sports fans are a shade more meticulous. Sports fans dream of visiting stadiums they have not yet been to. These are places where sports fans would give anything to watch just one game, and the atmosphere and acoustics of these places reverberate with history. These are the stadiums where at one time or another something great took place, the stadiums that stand out from the rest.

There is no denying the fact that these 5 stadiums are a benchmark in their respective fields, whether they are notable landmarks or offer jaw-dropping displays, and with that said, let’s begin with number one on the list…


Fenway Park – Boston, Massachusetts, USA


There’s nothing better than attending a ‘ballgame’ during the summer, especially if you like American sports, and a classic stadium on this list would be Fenway Park, which is one of the most historic on this short list. 


Visiting the home of the Boston Red Sox is an amazing experience. The Bleacher Report once commented that the stadium had “Moved beyond the level of just a baseball stadium and into the realm of the modern wonders of the world.” It is hard to disagree. This grand arena oozes raw history and tradition. It is beautiful but also intimate, ancient but comfortable too.



Rod Laver Arena – Melbourne, Australia


Other tennis arenas in the world are more famous, but the Rod Laver Arena has to be number one for tennis fans. It may be a centre court stadium, but it’s incredibly intimate, boasting a closed roof to counter extreme weather and a capacity just under 15,000. There is also the attraction of the Australian Open being recognised by some tennis travellers as “the fun one” among Grand Slam events.


Emirates Stadium – London, England


Arsenal’s remarkable modern stadium really is one of the world’s top football stadia, combing the high-tech with real football heritage. It is also more accessible than most of its league counterparts, with plenty of space and comfortable seating, even for a capacity that exceeds 60,000.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA


American football is, of course, the most popular sport in the States, and due to its ever-expanding impact on the rest of the world, the NFL and its best stadium make this list.  Lambeau Field is blessed with the instalment of artificial grass, and may seem in the middle of nowhere, but for a genuine American football experience it doesn’t get better. Tailgating is in full swing on game days and fans bring blankets to games when it’s too cold. The team is enjoying a run of success on the pitch in recent years and the history of the venue is palpable.


Wembley Stadium – London, England


Wembley is arguably the most famous football stadium in the world. It was here that England famously won the World Cup on home soil in 1966 and then promptly lost to their fierce rivals, Scotland, here is the next year. The home of the English national team has been dramatically reborn in recent years and is now a glitzy 90,000-capacity amphitheatre that also somehow still manages to feel intimate.

So…which one will you visit?


With so many magnificent stadiums and venues around the world, it’s clear that this list isn’t exhaustive, and is simply a matter of our humble opinion! What can’t be denied though, is the adrenaline of live sport, something that we have all come to miss over the last 18 months. Why not take a trip to one of our top picks?!


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