Top 5 Leather Jacket Brands


Leather jackets have long been an iconic component of modern menswear. Bomber, biker, and flight jacket styles remain highly-coveted pieces that stand the test of time. Select the best leather jacket brand.

To keep your jacket looking its best, it must continuously give it the attention it needs. Start by investing in an affordable waterproofing spray, then store it appropriately.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing and her husband launched the Los Angeles-based label in 2012. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian simplicity and American energy, their everyday clothing pieces exude timeless cool, helping customers craft long-term wardrobes independent of fads or trends.

This company also boasts an impressive Instagram following of over 900K fashion fans – an encouraging sign for any brand trying to make an impression in global fashion circles.

Leather jackets should be an essential component of every wardrobe for various reasons. It is an indispensable multifunctional piece that pairs easily with virtually all outfits and events.

Andrew Marc

Andrew Marc is an award-winning manufacturer of leather, down coats, and fur jackets that combine luxury with modern functionality for optimal wear in various climates and activities. Their clothing can help ensure comfort on any adventure imaginable!

Leather collection offerings from The Leather House include genuine, split, and full-grain styles made of lambskin cowhide or traditional leather.

These outerwear pieces are crafted to meet both men’s and women’s specific needs, including coming in various colors and sizes to meet clientele requirements.

Consider the Andrew Marc puffer coat for a cozy and warm winter jacket. Crafted with down from geese or ducks for maximum warmth in colder conditions, its air pockets also provide natural insulation.


Timberland provides an extensive range of leather jackets designed to withstand winter weather, from coats to bombers, and field jackets.

These durable leather jackets are an excellent choice if you’re searching for high-quality jackets to use on various occasions and can add style.

Whenever purchasing a leather jacket, be sure to purchase only genuine ones, as this will determine whether or not the jacket lasts over time.

Leather jackets are durable and dust and moisture-resistant, making them the ideal choice for those planning on wearing their jacket daily.

Schott NYC

Schott NYC provides sturdy, authentic, and long-wearing jackets made of leather – perfecto jackets are an outstanding example! Schott has been manufacturing leather jackets since 1924; choose one today from their longstanding tradition!

They favor full-grain leather wherever possible, which means it has not been altered through the tanning process and therefore remains strong like its animal source. This ensures you get products of equal strength to those created using full-grain leather.

USA domestic steerhide leather (1.3 to 1.5mm thick, waxed lightly for weather resistance) is an excellent material choice for motorcycle jackets as it protects from harsh environments and can withstand wear and tear over time.


Leather jackets have long been an iconic fashion classic that has remained timeless and relevant  Not only can they add style and protection, but they also provide weather protection and offer elegant design statement options.

RRL has been around since 1993 and draws its inspiration from the American West. Their clothing evokes the hardworking lifestyles of blue-collar workers, ranchers, sailors, and soldiers. Made with only high-grade materials like selvage denim, military-grade chinos,, plaid shirts, and vintage-inspired retro silhouettes for added style!

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