Today’s Baseball Betting


Good news for baseball enthusiasts and gamblers: the 2013 MLB season has officially begun with the first pitch. In North America, professional baseball and Major League Soccer (MLS) fill the void left by the summer break of ice hockey, basketball, and American football. Of course, there is always something exciting to watch, with each of the 30 MLB clubs playing 162 games per season and the annual All-Star Game. To know more, check out

Many professional gamblers favor baseball betting because they believe it is the most profitable activity in which to invest. However, unlike other big professional sports, casual fans rarely bet on baseball. So let’s get this out of the way first, as the reality that some baseball fans aren’t sure how to go about it could contribute to the sport’s relatively low level of betting activity.

Some people may find baseball’s lack of a point differential, common in other sports, baffling. Bettors should begin by familiarizing themselves with the mechanics of the money line for that particular event. Some baseball gamblers prefer to back the underdog reasonably regularly because they can still make a respectable return on their investment even if they only cover 50% of their bets.

The run line is a hybrid of the money line and the point spread used in sports wagering. For example, in baseball wagering, there is always a 1.5-run spread and occasionally a 2- or 2.5-run spread. Therefore, the ball squad that is the money line favorite will also be the run line favorite.

The New York Yankees might have chances of -165 on a regular money line bet, while the Toronto Blue Jays would be favored by +170. Bettors on the Blue Jays can earn $170 for every $100 wagered, while those on the Yankees must risk $165 to collect $165. However, bets placed using a run line alter the chances in play. The options on the underdog Blue Jays could be -125 with a run line of +1.5, while the odds on the favored Yankees could be +105 with a run line of -1.5.

To gain $100 betting on the Blue Jays, one would have to risk $125. On the run line, however, these gamblers are getting a bonus of 1.5 runs. If Toronto loses by one score, those who bet on the Blue Jays still come ahead. Many bettors take advantage of the reduced odds offered by the run line when offering 1.5 runs to their favorite team. When placing a wager using the run line, the odds-on favorite becomes the loser.

Betting on the over/under total runs scored in a baseball game is another popular option. In baseball betting, they are referred to as “totals.” Similar sums can be expected of those in other activities. For example, in ice hockey and soccer, goals are displayed; in American football, basketball, and rugby, points are scored; and in baseball, runs are scored. To bet on an over/under, you must choose whether you think more or fewer runs will be made than the number the oddsmakers set.

You might see a number like New York Yankees UN 7.5 +130 and Toronto Blue Jays OV 7.5 -120. To earn $100 on a bet that Toronto will score more than 7.5 runs, you must risk $120. If you wager that New York will score fewer than 7.5 runs, you will collect $730 for a $100 wager. Remember that the over/under and run line bets in baseball include extra innings.

Most baseball games hinge on the starters’ performance, and the money line reflects this. When a beginning pitcher is replaced, the money line may change accordingly. You can also bet on the game as “action,” which indicates you’re interested in placing the wager regardless of whether or not the pitcher is changed. Even though the chance will remain active, the payout may alter if the pitcher is changed.

If you wager on a baseball game based on the sportsbook’s projected beginning pitchers and those pitchers don’t start, your money will be refunded. It’s also possible to wager on the game based on the performance of one team’s hurler. As long as the team on which your wager was placed uses its planned starting pitcher, it will be honored, even if the opposing team chooses to use a different pitcher.

Betting is not limited to runs scored but extends to innings played, home run leaders, hits, balls, and strikeouts. Division victors and the World Series champion are fair game for wagering. Baseball betting offers various wagers and is usually straightforward to master.

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