Tips on How to Create Custom Photo Print on Canvas for Birthday

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Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one whose birthday is coming soon? Well, birthday gifts are one of the best ways to show your affection and care.

Shower them with a unique gift item that will stay with them for a long time. So, a customized canvas print featuring some precious moments of their life is a special gift that will melt their heart.

These gorgeous prints are thoughtful presents that are unique and memorable. That’s why stop wasting money on items that they rarely use and get custom prints. Moreover, it will add a personal touch to the walls of the recipient.

The following are some tips to create a custom photo print on canvas for the birthday:

Wall Worthy Photo Prints

One of the important and challenging parts of creating photo prints is to select the photos for customization. Ultimately, you will be the one who will see the canvas print displayed on the wall of your home daily.

So, pick a truly wall-worthy picture to decorate the vertical space. That means seeing the image keeping all technicalities in mind. For instance, check if a subject is in focus or the horizon is straight.

While selecting a picture, zoom it to find mistakes that can blow up the whole theme once displayed on the wall. If you want to make any tweaks, you can also use a photo editor.

Touch up a Photo if Necessary

You can make necessary changes in any Picture with a quick touch-up. To do so, use digital editing tools. They will help you to lighten the shadows, make color pop in the image or add contrast.

These changes may seem subtle when you look at your system. But there will be a significant difference in image quality when printed on a canvas. However, the most important thing is not to purchase any software.

Nowadays, most canvas printing services offer access to photo editors. You can use them while submitting the pictures for printing on a canvas. Moreover, you can crop the image that fits the canvas shape or size.

Choose a Canvas Style

There are various canvas prints available in different sizes or shapes. While selecting a design for your canvas print, there are various other aspects you need to focus on. For instance, the canvas shape should match the cropped image.

Moreover, if your picture has a standing person, orient your canvas as a portrait instead of landscape. Or, if you want to print a panorama, choose a canvas with an extra-wide shape.

These minor decisions can make a significant impact.  So, choose the right canvas style.

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Select a Photo with a High-Resolution

Before clicking the photos, make changes to your phone camera settings and select it for wall-sized canvas. When you print pictures with high resolution on a large canvas, you will see excellent art pieces without losing the image details.

However, if you click pictures with a low-resolution camera, you will receive pixelated and blurred prints. So, check carefully to set the image resolution while clicking pictures for better outcomes.

Decide on a Proper Frame Depth

The depth of wooden frames can vary for canvas prints. There are different canvases; some have half-inch frames while others have several-inch structures behind them.

Generally, shallow frames are the best options for small prints. However, thicker frames are suitable for large images, and they add visual depth. As a result, they stand out alone from a wall.

While hanging multiple canvas prints to create a gallery wall, ensure that their frame depth is the same.

Landscapes Open Up the Space

You must click the pictures of distant horizons, sunsets, greenery, or beaches. Then, you get them printed on a blank canvas. As a result, you will create excellent artwork that can open up the smaller spaces.

When you display those canvas prints, they act as an additional window and give an extensive feel to a small room.

Custom Prints with Text

Do you want a person to whom you are giving a birthday gift to keep motivated? If yes, then present them with a canvas print with motivational quotations or text.

Be a bit creative with the canvas prints and personalize them with a text message. Think of something that conveys your message but also complements the overall decor of a person’s home.

There are different types of quotes you can add, such as “Follow your dream,” “Life is beautiful,” etc. Naturally, the recipient will be pleased to see this type of gift item.

Final Thoughts

While getting custom photo prints to make your interiors pop, use various canvas details. There are unlimited styles or layouts for canvas prints; choose wisely and let precious moments shine.


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