Tips on Fishing in Mauritius

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Mauritius is a great game fishing destination with exotic catches throughout the year. The magnificent island nation is located at the glittering blue seas and coral reefs. What separates the Indian Ocean from a peaceful lagoon makes Mauritius an excellent place for relaxing on the beach. It’s such a perfect place for anglers.

As you head past the reef, you find a steep which about 3000 meters. The ocean currents bring a constant stream of cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface. Mauritius has the healthiest fisheries, and its fish don’t come in small sizes. It’s the home to Dorado, which weighs about 40 pounds, and the yellowfin tuna. There’s also Wahoo, snapper, and roosterfish, among many others. 

If you’ve never been to deep-sea fishing, follow the tips below;

Get experienced deep seas fishing charter

If you get an experienced charter, they will take you to the best spots and provide a perfect lure for the type of fish you want to catch. Any good boat practices catch and release on billfish to ensure good fishing for the future. When you bring mahi-mahi, some restaurants will cook for you. Again at the privacy of your accommodation, you’ve chefs to cook for you. 

Guarding against sicknesses

Fishing in Mauritius is regarded as gentle and smooth waters, but you could get disoriented with the boat even with that. If you have allergies or some health condition, it’s good to avoid smells like the bait’s until the nausea is off. Taking some motion medication before you board to take care of that.  

Come prepared

As you go fishing, you should come with your hat and visor and sunglasses with you. Bring a camera with you, so you get some photos and record a big catch. Ensure that you take lots of water and remember sunscreen even when staying in the shade that water glare can give you sunburn. 

When can you catch in Mauritius?

The blue marlin is the most remarkable fish attracted in this great coastal town. With its flamboyant dorsal fin and the long skewer-like snout, the blue marlin is an impressive catch- that is, if you can endure. From records, the biggest fish ever caught off in Mauritius was 1355lbs which is short of a few pounds off the world record 1375lbs. 

The best time to fish in Mauritius

The peak fishing period while in Mauritius is October to April. Here, you can expect to hook sailfish, bull shark, and Wahoo. But in Mauritius, big game fishing is all-around the year. The worst day to go fishing in Mauritius is the day after a full moon. During that time, the big fish eat to their fill during the night, and therefore they’ve no business with your bait. You could spend the entire day without any catch.

When planning to go fishing in Mauritius’s best place to fish, you first need to identify the best places to fish and a fishing charter with enough experience in the deep-sea fishery.

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