Tips and keys to creating the perfect wedding invitations


Marriage is an important event in the life of many married people who choose to go one step further and make their relationship with love legal. Planning a wedding is a task that all couples must do months before the wedding. This means many activities, such as day-to-day observance — keeping the restaurant for the occasion, choosing arrangements and flowers, making a phone call, choosing food, choosing music, and, of course, preparing for the wedding invitation.

While we know that all of this can be a source of great joy, we also know that wedding plans can cause great frustration. For this reason, in this article, we give you a few tips and keys for creating a perfect wedding invitation. Go your way!

When is the best time to prepare a wedding invitation?

Preparing invitation invitations means choosing the type of invitation card, the design of the wedding cards, and the design — whether we need wedding invitations, an attractive wedding, or an old one, for example. example-. Of course, we cannot miss out on the details of the wedding invitations and, finally, the envelope of the invitation — which can also be written individually, depending on the individual couple. For all these reasons, it is recommended that the process of preparing the posters be done several months in advance.

In addition, you have to remember that you have to leave enough time for the guests to arrange to come to the ceremony, to buy gifts … less if you want everyone to receive a wedding invitation to attend. So, book six months in advance and deliver to guests three months in advance.

Wedding Invitation

The selection of a wedding invitation paper is one of the most important, almost invaluable as a document. There are many types of paper we can find, but what we need to keep clear about is the design we want our wedding card to be. The design we choose – such as an original wedding invitation, glamorous or old wedding invitations – describes the type of paper we use and the color of the wedding invitations. When choosing a wedding invitation, we should consider the following options:

  • Character quality: The character of the wedding note should be very specific. Keep in mind that this wedding card will be a souvenir that your guests will cherish because of its value. When you go to buy a wedding paper, make sure it has an FSC certificate and that it is made of high-quality materials to give a strong and durable look. This also ensures that any type of printing can be done on it without clear ink from one side to the other.
  • Type of paper: We can find several types of wedding invitation papers depending on their personality. These can be smooth or ugly, fat or fine. The most recommended thing for a wedding invitation is that you choose a thick paper, but not over. Find the middle ground. When it comes to accessories, we can find a large number of styles, such as picture cardboard — good old-fashioned wedding cards—, Tintoretto Ceylon zero — good for rustic invitations—, Kraft material — original invitations — and many more, such as free lives. Merida color cream, a hundred cotton — not too thick and thick — or vintage cardboard with different colors.
  • The colors of the wedding invitation: Yes, one of the important things to consider when choosing a wedding invitation is color. This depends on the taste of each couple, although the most recommended ones are light, pastel, or red tones … There are also those who try bold tones, such as gold.

Design for wedding invitations

The preparation of the invitation is important. This describes the type of invitation, as well as the type of standard wedding invitation and photos (if any). Generally, we can find 4 types:

Classic wedding invitations: In the traditional design of wedding invitations, white often dominates. They use traditional calligraphy and typography. They do not use images.

First wedding invitation: Play with different colors and pictures. This can be accompanied by other things, such as string, and spices … In general, it is usually fun. They give priority to each item.

Good wedding invitations: A good wedding invitation is the same as the classic ones, in terms of colors, though we can also find them in a dark navy. The messages can be in gold color and in fountain pen fonts.

Rustic wedding invitations: They use many toasty shades. In addition, the thickness of the paper is large. In it, you can see the production of fibers. This type of invitation provides peace and comfort.

Invitations To The Wedding

The text of the wedding invitation is important. This should include the names of the bride and groom, the names of the parents, the date of the wedding, the exact time, place of the ceremony, and the city, country, and year. They should be clearly visible, without distraction. You can also name godparents, although this may be optional. The format of the wedding invitation should follow the following protocol:

The parents’ names have the first and last names.

First names of the bride and groom, without a surname.

Date of writing, no numbers. The day of the week the event will take place should be calculated.

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