Timely Hot Water Service and Repair Ensure the Longevity Of Your System

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The hot water system is an important part of an Australian household. This is one system that you use almost every day, all through the year. It is important to ensure that it functions efficiently and increases its longevity. Regular hot water service and repair are crucial.

Understanding The Signs That Your System Requires Hot Water Service and Repair

It is not that difficult to determine if the hot water system is undergoing damage. It will start showing the warning signs. These signs tell you that your system cannot perform at its optimum level because of some problem.

Some of the signs are:

  • Fluctuation in the temperature of the water
  • Leakage from the unit
  • Flickering of the pilot light. At times it may switch off completely
  • The constant fluctuation in water pressure
  • Unclean water supply
  • Gurgling sounds being emitted by the hot water system

You must not neglect these signs. Instead, you must contact a licensed plumbing service to check your system at the earliest. It is possible that if hot water service and repair are done right away, you may have to spend a lesser amount. On the other hand, if you let the problem persist, the extended damage to the system may result in you paying a hefty sum in its repairs, or you may even have to replace the system altogether.

Types Of Hot Water Systems and Their Servicing Routine

Different types of hot water systems require different servicing and maintenance schedules. There are 4 types of hot water systems:

  • Electric hot water system
  • Gas hot water system
  • Solar hot water system
  • Heat pump hot water system

The mechanism of each of the above types is different, and so the hot water service and repair schedule for each type varies. Plumbers usually recommend that all hot water systems must be serviced annually.

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You, too, can take a few steps that ensure the smooth functioning of the hot water system. They are:

  • Check your heater frequently for any signs of wear and tear.
  • The temperature and pressure relief(TRP) valve are one of the heater’s most important components. It adds safety to the system. You can check its condition once every six months as part of the hot water service and repair schedule that you can do on your own. Since it involves hot water, it is advised that you should wear appropriate clothing and footwear before carrying out the process. You have to do the following:

1. Find the TRP valve

2. Shift the handle upwards and allow the water to flow from the outlet

3. Shut the valve

If the valve is jammed and does not move or water does not flow from the outlet pipe, it indicates that the valve must be replaced soon.

  • The optimum condition of the sacrificial anode is crucial for the long lifespan of the heater. This rod is made of either aluminum or magnesium and has a zinc coating. It is placed downwards inside the water tank. Its properties attract sediments and impurities, thus keeping the system rust-free. It needs to be changed every five years, but you may have to replace it sooner if you use soft water.
  • The system is flushing out the sediments and impurities from the hot water system is a must-do as part of your D-I-Y hot water service and repair.
  • If you are going out for a longer period of time, either switch the system off or put it on vacation mode. The energy consumption will be considerably less.


Hot water systems can provide hassle-free service for a decade or even more. The only effort you need to make is to ensure that the system gets regular hot water service and repair to maintain its efficiency and longevity. Make sure that you choose a professional for hot water repair and servicing.

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