Throw away Color Contacts – Light beer Any Good?

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The days when color contacts were unbelievably costly are long gone. As the production costs go down, disposable color contact lenses appear. These days you can find monthly, weekly, and even everyday disposable color contact lenses. However, how do disposable color colleagues compare with quality and health problems with traditional color lenses? What is the perfect way to find the astigmatism colored contacts?

Disposable color contacts are a recent development, and they turn out to be progressively more popular. However, sometimes it is not apparent whether the lenses tend to be disposable or traditional (annual replacement schedule). The easiest way to place the difference is to look at the bundle – if they are sold in the box (usually 6 lenses per box), then the lens is disposable; if they are within a vial and the price is pointed out per lens, then they tend to be traditional color contact lenses.

Benefits of disposable color contacts

The more often you replace your contact lenses, the healthier your eyes will be. So throw-away color contacts are much better — they are thinner, more comfortable, and proteins don’t have enough time to develop on them.
Trying different colors is more straightforward, too, since you can buy three or four boxes of various disposable color contacts for the price of a couple of traditional color lenses.
Suppose you lose or break some disposable lenses, no worries! You need another one out of the box.
Nonetheless, the main difference between disposable coloring contacts and annual replacing (traditional) lenses is that premium quality conventional lenses are painted by hand. Hand-painted color lenses similar to Illusions by CibaVision make a more natural look when compared with digitally printed lenses. None of the disposable color contact lenses is hand-painted – it just is not cost-effective for the company.

Best disposable color lens

Freshlook is one of the more popular models in the disposable color lens. Freshlook offers you three series: Freshlook Colorblends – somber color contacts for people with dim eyes; Freshlook Impressions, which happen to be partially transparent enhancement contact lenses designed to brighten naturally orange or green eyes; along with Freshlook Dimensions, the unique kinds of which make your eyes look more extensive and more profound. Most Freshlook color lenses are generally monthly disposable.

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Acuvue’s only two Colors by Johnson, along with Johnson, is also a good choice. Acuvue 2 Colors offers blue color lenses for people with dim eyes and enhancement contact lenses for light eyes. Acuvue 2 Colors are 1-2 week disposable color disposable lenses. They are also FDA-approved to be donned for a week continuously, which means you can sleep in them.

Not too long ago, released 1 Day Acuvue Colorings are the first daily throw-away color contact lenses. They look similar to Acuvue 2 Colors’ blue color lenses, but you aren’t required to worry about cleaning, disinfecting, and storing them. 1 Day Acuvue Colors are ideal for people who want to00 wear color contacts intended for special occasions; this way, you can wear fresh new lenses every time.

Expression Colorings by Cooper Vision likewise come as opaque colors for dark eyes and enhancement colors for light eyes. Expression lenses tend to be monthly disposable color colleagues.

Prescriptions for color lenses

Most disposable color lenses come in Plano (no correction) and with corrective forces. Sometimes people think that whether they have a perfect vision and would like color contacts purely about the cosmetic effect, they can order a box on the Internet without consulting an optometrist. This is not true: almost all contact lenses – including superficial color lenses – tend to be medical devices, so you cannot buy color contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription.

However, right after getting your prescription, you don’t have to purchase your color contacts from your optometrist. Many reputable contact lens merchants sell color contacts on the web, and ordering your color lens through the Internet can save you lots of money.

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