The 11 Things a Perfume Newbie Should Know Before Buying

To find a perfect perfume may seem an easy task but it requires true skills. And it becomes more difficult if you are a newbie and is trying to get a perfume for the first time. There are many branded and nice perfumes in Pakistan that you can get easily from anywhere but the goal is to find the perfume which suits your personality, matches your style, and compliments your overall look and that is where people struggle because to get that seamless perfume is a hard nut to crack.

Every person has different taste and preference when it comes to selecting a perfume. Some people look for a nice aromatic and exquisite fragrance while some find a strong and astonishing odor, attracting. However, for a newbie these things might be confusing because he has no idea of the things which one should know before buying a perfume.

So here’s a list of things which are must for a perfume newbie to know before buying a perfume.

A perfume that suits your personality

One of the most important and foremost things a person should know before buying a perfume is his or her preference and whether the perfume you are choosing goes with your personality or matches your vibe or not. This is the question one should ask himself before purchasing any perfume. It will give you a sense of direction and once you know what you are looking for in a perfume it will become easier for you.

Always test a perfume yourself

It often happens that people buy things on someone else’s suggestions or when somebody else tells them that they have tried this particular thing and you should buy it as well. And doing the same with perfumes might not end up good because perfume is something in which not everybody has same taste so always test it yourself and if you like it only then purchase it.

Try it on the pulse points

Always try a perfume on the pulse points because they are more exposed to air and give a better smell. Some people like to spray it all over the body and they think by doing they will smell good the whole day but that’s not the right way of applying a perfume to your skin. The right way is to apply it on your pulse point and it automatically stays for a longer period.

Never rub your wrists while testing a perfume

This is the most common mistake that people make while testing a perfume. They rub their wrists and then smell it. By rubbing the wrists against each other heat will produce and it will change the chemical composition of the perfume which results in either changed fragrance of the perfume or it vanishes after some time.

Brand of a perfume

For a newbie who doesn’t know much about perfume brands should do a research first so that he won’t end up buying a fake or replica perfume. There are many good quality perfumes in Pakistan which are liked by people and are their favorite.

Price of a perfume

Perfume is considered a luxury item and its price varies extensively. There are many perfume in Pakistan that you can easily get in a cheaper price but be careful while purchasing it because there are many copied brands so don’t get fooled by it and always look for an original perfume with a reasonable price because the goal is get a perfect perfume along with the price which isn’t too much on your pocket.

Do not test too many perfumes at once

It often happens that while trying a perfume the sales person shows you a variety of perfumes and sprays it on your wrist one after the other. By doing that you might get confused because all the smells are mixed up and you couldn’t choose which one you like or want. The right way is to ask them to spritz the perfume on a paper strip and then smell it.

Do not test all the perfumes

When you go for perfume shopping you’ll find variety of perfumes that you even get confused which one you should try and buy and in that confusion you end up trying almost all the perfumes but even after that you have no clue which one is your perfect match. So rather than trying all the perfumes and making yourself more confuse, try only fewer perfumes and buy the one which you like the most amongst them.

Perfumes smell different after a while

Some perfumes smell all heavenly and pleasant when you use them first but after a while they start losing their original fragrance and smell differently. It happens because of the top note molecules in the perfume which at first gives a very strong odor but after some time it starts losing its smell. So keep that thing in your mind as well before buying a perfume.

Long-lasting fragrance

One of the most important things to keep in notice while selecting a perfume is whether the fragrance is long-lasting or it vanishes after a while. Top notes usually last for an hour or less while the base notes determine how long a perfume is going to last. You’ll find many perfumes in Pakistan that have a long-lasting fragrance and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Know your preference

You should know what you want and what your preference is. Go for lighter notes if you like sweet, soft, and floral fragrance.

Smell the coffee   

Take a whiff of coffee and then try the next scent. It is done to neutralize other fragrances before you try the next one.

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