There Is Power in Living Alone

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Popular sit-coms such as FRIENDS and Two Broke Girls have reinforced that it is better to have roommates or housemates that you can share your bills with. Understandably, this is an ideal scenario for many individuals renting apartments, but in this article, let us talk about why being on your own is not so bad as the media and society make it out to be.


There Is So Much Room for Growth


Independent living is not something you can achieve overnight. It takes years of hard work and determination to finally get your own place and make it work. However, even then, there is still a lot to learn. There will be times when you have no one to depend on but yourself. You will learn how to cook for yourself and even find faster ways to do your chores. This self-growth is important for every adult, but those only individuals who are brave enough to get out of their comfort zones will be able to achieve this.


Moreover, it is not just about the household chores, but they are pretty standard examples. Back then, you have your parents do the grocery and budgeting, but now, you have to do it yourself. You will be surprised at how expensive things are, and you will learn how to value the money you are earning.


You Live at Your Own Pace


It is not right to say that you can do everything you want when living alone. That is somehow an irresponsible statement. So let us word it on a positive framing: you can do everything at your own pace.


Don’t feel like waking up early? Don’t feel like eating lunch? Don’t feel like going home? Don’t feel like stepping out of the shower yet? You can do those things without parents or roommates to think of. You can do these things because you do not need to consider other people living with you. You can get up at three in the morning and grab a cup of smoothie.

You can take your time in the shower before going to work or seeing your orthodontist. That is the beauty of living alone. You can enjoy a cup of coffee on your balcony wearing nothing but your robe. It is self-independence in one of its purest forms.


It Is Better for Your Mental Health

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Contrary to what most people think, living alone provides peace, especially for those individuals who grew up in a chaotic environment. It is no secret that most issues people have are caused by how their parents raised them, and those who grew up in an unhealthy household often have traumas with them until today. It is also not just with unfortunate and toxic families but also with regular ones.

Parents and family members can all be overbearing and nosy at times, and while it is more cost-effective to stay at your house, things that affect your mental health can get complicated when you have them around. 


Moving out of your parents’ house frees you from the literal and figurative noise you have always been with, and it gives you all the me-time you need. Peace is always to be considered a win. Although it does not mean you would never come back home. Visit your family during the holidays. After all, holidays are always about family and the spirit of giving.


Living Alone Presents More Opportunities


You have more time and space to welcome more opportunities when you do not have anyone with you (not including furball pets). There is a difference between coming home to a roommate or housemate and going home to an empty house where you can easily slip back to your work desk without distractions.


We do not imply that having people around you is bad, but it means there will be distractions ahead of you. For example, you need time to focus and gain momentum for your consultancy job, but your roommate has already cooked for you. Sure, you can set healthy boundaries, but it does seem a little heartless to turn down the home-cooked meals, right? You get the idea.


Living alone is not something to look down at. It is quite refreshing and empowering at the same time. Although the pandemic-induced isolation was bad, living alone and being home alone are two different things. It is all about your perspective on this matter.



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