The way to Detect If Someone Put a new GPS Tracking Device in the Car?


If you’re like most people, you may be wondering how to diagnose if someone has placed a new GPS tracking device with your vehicle. GPS Tracking units have gotten so smaller than average they are commonly the size of a new pack of cigarettes, and some are actually as small as a quarter! With units that small, they can be challenging to detect, especially if you’ve got a substantial vehicle. Find the Best GPS tracker.

The first thing you need to know is always that there are two different types of GPS DEVICE tracking devices:

GPS “Loggers”

A GPS Logger is actually a passive device, meaning that it shouldn’t actively transmit your GPS DEVICE location. This means whoever set a GPS logger in your Car will have to place it in your Car and then retrieve that later in order to view the generating data, which is stored for the device. A popular example of this can be a Sleuthgear iTrail GPS Logger, which is only 1. 5″X1. 5″ big.

GPS “Trackers”

A new GPS Tracker is a dynamic device, meaning that it tries really hard to transmit your location “live”, commonly to a secure website, the place that the person who placed it at this time there can view your location in addition to driving information via a web browser or special program.

As soon as they put it on there, they do not have got to retrieve it, and they can just simply view the information online. They will come back later, though, considering that the battery life on the active system is usually less than 30 days.

This is where knowing the difference between your two types of tracking units is important. A GPS Logger (like the iTrail GPS) can only be detected yourself – meaning you’ll have to in physical form search for it. The reason for this is that since they don’t actively send a signal (they just retail data to the device), then the bug detector or pest sweeper won’t be able to acquire any kind of transmission or indication.

If you suspect that you might use a GPS logger on your auto, the first place to look for it is BENEATH VEHICLE. This is the most popular destination for a hide a GPS pursuing device and is accomplished by putting your device inside a magnetic circumstance, which securely attaches for the metal on the underside of your respective vehicle. Other places to look happen to be in the glove box, centre gaming console, and the truck (including beneath the spare tire).

If you suppose that you might have an active GPS DEVICE Tracker on your Car, any manual search always steps one. Look under the vehicle, inside the glove box, and in the particular trunk. These types of units are generally bigger than GPS Loggers since they need a bigger battery so that you can actively transmit a signal. Without having time to do manual research, you’re in luck due to the fact active GPS Trackers may be easily detected by a GPS DEVICE Detector.

A GPS Detector is a handheld device that may usually be battery-powered, lets you “sweep” your vehicle (or anywhere else you want to locate a GPS DEVICE Tracker), and will alert an individual when it detects a sending GPS signal that is giving your location. There is an adjustable level of sensitivity knob that allows you to hone inside on the exact location of the system, so you can remove it from your Car.

A GPS detection unit will also detect cell phone signs because cell phones are commonly applied as makeshift GPS traffic monitoring devices since owners of cell phones can often use a “locate” feature of their phone to learn where it is at.

When you want to find out if someone has placed a GPS traffic monitoring device on your Car, 1st conduct manual research, and for a quicker and also easier search, use a GPS DEVICE Detector.

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