The Problem Of Renting A Automobile In Hawai’i

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If a few of you had been questioning why you hadn’t seen me put up in a number of days, I’ve simply returned from a week-long trip in Hawai’i. It was stunning. What nearly ruined the journey, nonetheless, was the annoying trouble of attempting to get a rental automotive.

Hawai’i’s rental automotive troubles have been known for a some time now. And whereas it’s at all times higher to attempt to get round by strolling or biking on someplace like an island, if you wish to go far or do some grocery buying if you’re there for an prolonged keep like I used to be, you want a automobile. And with us desirous to go to the North Shore seashores of O’ahu, we would have liked a solution to get there.

My makes an attempt to hire a automotive had me undergo two main businesses, a number of hole-in-the-wall spots, after which again to the main gamers earlier than I used to be truly in a position to get a automobile. I drained Hertz first. Yeah, I do know I’ve covered all of the bad crap they put folks by means of, however once they truly do what they’re imagined to they’re fairly simple to hire from, particularly whenever you’re a Gold Member like I’m. I checked the primary Hertz location at Honolulu Airport. I used to be shocked I used to be in a position to make a reservation. However that is the place I received burned.

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An enormous loophole in Hertz’s rental reservation system is that it permits prospects to order autos that they could not even have. And whereas the system will cease you if autos are booked for no matter dates you might have chosen, it doesn’t cease you if the placement you chose is out of the automobile or automobile courses you select. It’s bizarre and doesn’t make sense how their system isn’t linked to some type of automobile stock system. So due to all of this, I ended up taking a $25 Lyft to the airport for nothing. It was one other $22 to take a Lyft again to my lodge. Hours wasted for nothing.

The next day, I decided to try my hand with Enterprise. And before looking to reserve, I called to make a reservation. The problem with this route is that calling means nothing. Like Hertz, if you call Enterprise to check anything, from vehicle inventory to rates, you’re not actually talking to someone at the location you’re trying to reserve at; you’re speaking to someone in a call center somewhere. This is annoying because there’s a disconnect between what the call center says and what actually happens at the location; they’ll tell you one thing that’s not necessarily the case once you get there.

With Enterprise, the issue wasn’t that they didn’t have a vehicle, they just didn’t have the vehicle I needed. Enterprise seemed to have more of an awareness of what vehicles were actually available at the airport. I needed a minivan, so I reserved one after I was told that the airport had some available. Another Lyft ride down to the airport, and I found out that the biggest vehicles they had available were “large sedans;” in their case that meant Chevy Malibus and Toyota Camrys. More time and money on Lyfts wasted.

I decided to try and rent from one of the few local places I saw around the city. While these places were locally owned and operated and had vehicles available, they were sketchy as hell. I found one place that was directly across from a hotel one of my family members was staying in. But its whole operation was run out of a gravel-covered lot surrounded by a chainlink fence with their “offices” being tent-covered picnic tables and a tool shed that looked like it came from Home Depot. And the cars were old. We’re talking last gen, early 2010s base Toyota Siennas, Camrys, Corollas, a random NC Miata that needed a wash, and what looked to be a 2016 Chevy Camaro RS convertible that had duct tape on one of the side mirrors.

Suffice to say we decided to bike that day. The other locally owned rental spot I found had cars just as old. One of my cousins actually rented a Sienna from one of these places. It nearly left her stranded after it struggled to start. Twice.

I decided to give Hertz one more go on the third or fourth day. I was actually able to get a vehicle. I was counting on a Chrysler Pacifica because of how good and comfy they’re. However my goals had been crushed. Not like right here on the mainland, the place whenever you’re a Gold Member with Hertz you may select the automobile you need, my van was already assigned to me by Hertz.

“Your automobile can be in house quantity 62, Mr. Hodge,” the Hertz rep advised me. I used to be pissed once I walked out to house 62 and located a crimson Dodge Grand Caravan GT that was a minimum of two to a few years previous. It had nearly 43,000 miles, had items coming off the seats and a number of the stow-and-go ground covers, and made noises after we went over bumps. It received us to the North Shore seashores, however I hated each minute of it.

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Due to all of this although we ended up strolling and biking practically the entire time we had been there. Which wasn’t a nasty factor. Our lodge was centrally situated close to a number of bars and eating places, and so forth. And all that strolling and biking made me lose 5 kilos in order that was a win. However simply know, if you’re planning to trip in Hawai’i, both attempt to arrange a rental method earlier than you get there, or take the environmentally pleasant and wholesome route and stroll or bike. In the event you don’t, you’re in for a headache.

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